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  1. sef
    oops...I forgot to check on here...I'm really "pelupa"....
    the amazon stuff still haven't arrived, it's been like almost a month!! but my frenz also purchase normal stuff from amazon- she mentioned she didn't receive anything yet even the notificition status indicates it has been sent.
    worry me ...........
  2. kavz30
    *hugs sef* don't worry, i'm sure it will come soon. a friend of mine said that her Amazon shipment took 6-7 weeks to arrive! does your parcel have any tracking system?

    @Rage78 - sorry if my email about the akadot thingy wasn't clear *ashamed look* email me again if you want further clarification, yeah? it's actually a conspiracy in my family - my mum, bro and sis knows what genres i'm reading ... we're all sort of being vague with him, saying like "the manga", "that book" and stuff like that *LOL* told my bro about the whole kosmo fiasco and yaoi ban thingy - now he's kinda paranoid the "higher authorities" will target Bleach (his fav show)...
  3. dohkajou
    i don't think the authorities will target anime like bleach or naruto.so rest assure for those who worried.

    but definitely furious for banning yaoi.huhu...<--still can't get pass over it
  4. aarinfantasy
    @sef: What amazon stuff you bought? I hope you have it delivered with EMS (the fastest postal method which is about 2-5 days) instead of the Amazon free delivery or normal delivery because our Kastam will hold on to it and make you pay the tax when you go retrieve it from their office. I got into that kinda situation before without paying EMS and I have to pay even more tax to them when they hold my item (which is just a song concert DVD, not yaoi though).

    @valkyriensz: Thanks so much for the info! I guess I will wait till next week then. But I actually stay in Penang, haha. But if KL branch has it around that time, the Penang one should be the same day too, if not the next. The Penang Border's new Junjou Romantica manga gets sold off quite fast. Volume 6 and Volume 1 retocks sold off really fast... there's still a lot of stock for Vol2-5 though.

    @Seraph: I went to Kino's store in KLCC last month when they already packed all the yaoi title mangas. However, I realized they leave Loveless and Gravitation alone on the shelves. Not sure why these titles are exempted... Loveless too light to be called yaoi?
  5. Seraph
    I went to Borders just now, which is in Gardens. They don't hold any of them on the shelf but when I check through their computer, yaoi are available through Border's Special Order so I guess you still could get it from there. I checked Junjo Romantica and Rin, which is both available. I'm not that good in yaoi, still amateur... XD

    I don't think they will ban naruto or bleach since even bumiputeras read them... I guess they are safe. For now.

    I will be going to Japan's Kyoto. If nothing else happens, like i failed my entrance exam? Just hoping for the best.

    By the way, once, I went to Kino and saw two lovely ladies looking for Loveless in the Japanese section and I pointed them out for the two ladies. Is there by any chance any of you gals?
  6. evangeline90
    @seraph: I don't think anyone of us crazed fan girls on aarin would need stuff pointed out to them, we'd be doing the pointing, and you're the proof~~~ yay! I play Rubik's too~ my best time is around a minute, but it's been a few months since I played... I think I have become rusty... Haha... =.=

    @kavz: Lol, I'm majoring in business and econ and I'm trying to transfer next fall, so I need to finish all my units this and next sem. It's an overload and a long shot to get into the uni i want (very strict and picky bout transfer students so...) but if I don't get in, I'll just major in English to pass the time before I try to get in again~ I'm adamant bout getting into THAT one uni~

    @rage: Moratta yo~ Thanks so much for the scores, now I'll be able to add it to my other haunting song, the Lilium from Elfen Lied~~ I got my Akadot purchases a few weeks ago, I ordered it on a Tuesday, it arrived the next Tuesday~ Sweet!!!

    @Aarin: Have you read the english version of Loveless? I've only read the chinese version, cuz one manga only costs RM4.50 but they might not be the same. If they're the same it'll be cool~ I can save bundles of money~~~ And it is pretty light, more like undertones... but there are a few kissing scenes and "get off of me" scenes if you get the drift.
  7. phloem
    hello nice people..
    aaah..i'm lost here..sure i know how to download, post, etc2,,but there's too many function in this forum and i don't even know where to begin..oh yeah, i'm a malaysian too but now in US..just furthering my studies..even though i'm what this forum classify as 'yaoi amateur', i still wanna say that my love for yaoi is as much as those 'yaoi experts'..anyway, please guide me oh great people and double please, give me more yaoiness.
    *bows down*
  8. evangeline90
    Hello phloem, where's xylem? Hahahahahahaha~~~

    *Realises no one is laughing @ lame joke*


    Welcome to the club, you're green ala HunterxHunter in more ways than one, hahahahahahaha~~~

  9. Seraph
    I love playing Rubik's and my best Rubik's time was 35.26 seconds. Way back compared to world champion Yu Nakajima 8.72 seconds. By the way, Rubik's cube technique could be rusty... I stopped couple of months once and now my average time is roughly 47 secs... I'm not a fangirl too... I am... Okama da!(male transexual!) Just joking.... I am a boy here...

    By the way...

    Just entertaining you xylem phloem joke. Anyway, welcome to the group? (Seems like I just received something like this couple of days ago...)
  10. phloem
    @evangeline-am not green!i can be yellow for u but not green..so my name is phloem.but thats the only way i'm green..
    who's xylem btw..hehe.appreciate your joke though
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