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  1. dohkajou
    i'm deprived since i'd definitely no time to go to kl and buy yaoi manga stock.urgghhh!!
  2. kavz30
    @dohkajou - there, there ... how come ur so busy? can't anybody get the books for you?
  3. sef
    >_<...my amazon purchase is still pending deliver..it's almost 2 weeks...making me ...and ....worry....
  4. Rage78
    @ Kavz30 Woah, if you manage to get your order from akadot thru the Kastams, I might er, order some stuff too..but not for now, there are some titles that are coming later that I want....when will you get your orders?

    @sef - when was your order schedule to deliver? Did they mentioned it in your order confirmation? *huggles* the waiting is the most painful part..

    @dohkajou - sorry to hear you don't have time to go down to KL, maybe you can try and buy what they have online at Kino and get it delivered to you?

    Oh yeah, was at Borders' Curve y'day and I spoke to a really nice understanding guy about this yaoi manga ban thing. I asked if they'll be bringing in anymore new yaoi titles, he said that he doesn't know since whatever their HQ brings in is not known to them. Asked if the HQ issued any circulars to all Borders about not bringing in anymore yaoi mangas, he said so far they haven't heard anything bout it. He seems a very nice fella and knows a little bout BL lol coz he recommended that I try Fake and Gravitation LOL! I told him that I've already read all those years ago and I'm strictly hardcore now - my friend chimed in that oh this woman already has years of reading experience lol! The guy kept apologizing to me profusely saying that he's so sorry he can't be of much help since he said that I looked SO worried hahahahhaha!

    So, there you have it...Borders doesn't know for sure and Kino is definitely not bringing anything else in...so we are all DOOMED!
  5. kavz30
    @sef - i'm rooting for you to get your shipment fast! like Rage said, the waiting is the hardest part ...

    @Rage78 - no idea when I will get the stuff from akadot. i need to cancel an order and ask them what is the new total now. will keep you updated whether their parcel comes thru our "beloved" Kastams...

    Finally got my collection of Rin! (vols 1-3) after alot of browsing thru Borders and Kino's website. it's quite softcore but i love the storyline. it's so SQUUUUUEEEE!

    *additional inserts at 8.05pm*

    konbawa (pardon my romanised spelling!) minna-san!

    at the risk of flaming raging embers at the authorities again (just when all of us had cooled down abit!), but i found out something that i wanted to share with you.

    An online friend of mine blogged about yaoi being banned in Malaysia in his MySpace post. Click here to read it.

    OK, he didn't paint a flattering picture of M'sian authorities but at least info is going out there about what's happening. Of course, he also had a few other links and curious me went to those sites too.

    One is a blog that mentions Malaysia's situation although the writer had yaoi problems with the Canadian customs. This is the site:http://animebento.wordpress.com/2006...nga-to-canada/.
    But the one that is my favourite is this blog that posted a reply back to Kosmo *grins* this writer rocks! If i ever meet her one day, i'm buying her a drink from Starbucks or Coffee Bean to show my appreciation! *LOL* this is the site: http://dustyhawk.com/2006/01/11/anime-is-pr0n-iii/

    have fun reading!
  6. valkyriensz
    hi minna-san...sorry haven't join much of ur chats last weekends due my preparations of KPLI (kursus perguruan latihan ijazah) interview last Monday morning...it was my worst ever coz unexpectedly i caught flu & fever =____=''' what's more, got insulted by the male panel interviewer condemning me taking part time japanese+mandarin language course rather than english TT____TT damn that old geezer! how could he underestimated those languages! yeah i admit i was having trouble speaking english during the individual interview (i also surprised with myself...was it bcoz of overly nervous or the sickness, i'm not sure) but i've been planning to learn japanese n mandarin longtime so that i can read delicious mangas (raw) without waiting a group doing scanlation project on those mangas (especially BL ones) *sigh* i just couldn't bring myself to speak out the reasons related manga, anime n BL O___o'' damn that old gov servant...thanks to him, my fever's temperature is rising drastically *feeling down* i just couldn't forget his words: "kamu fikir bahasa jepun & mandarin tu boleh bawa kamu ke mana?" (where do u think the languages bring u?)...to Japan & China laa stupid! (my 2 traveling targeted countries)...i'm so hate him!

    the letter is totally rockz!! ^^ *feels quite better* i'd like to do the same but need to make some preparations with my other yaoi gangs for 'declaring war' with the kosmo reporter! kakugo shiagare! (be prepared dude!)...thanks kavz30 & sef, hopefully ur precious treasure will b arrived safely into ur hands XD rage78, thanks 4 ur yaoi info! 1 more bad news i'd like to share with u all, my vol.3 sex pistols had gone missing!!! TT___TT i suspected 1 of my friends borrowed+keep it as if hers...*curses* now i need to trace every single members i known & have a spot check on them even if it means to break into their room! X( *sobs*

    here is an LJ user posted a news that might relieving our yaoi needs in :::yamane ayano's LJ community::: ...i wish i can shop now but currently my mom is more in need with my $$$ help...oh well...have to wait again >.<'
  7. kavz30

    hope you get better soon! that silly old man! *sigh* there's nothing wrong with learning new languages, esp Mandarin! 90&#37; of my colleagues are Mandarin speakers, and they are not so fluent in English so i have a hard time bonding with them ... made me wish i knew Mandarin!
    i actually picked up Japanese (basic) language class once, but due to time and $$ constraints i had to drop it *sigh* where do you learn Japanese from, valkyriensz?
    and good luck on the "war" with that Kosmo reporter! *grins*
    so sorry to hear about sex pistols vol 3!!!
  8. valkyriensz

    hi! XD nice to chat with u again...how's ur day? i'm still not recovering from my fever n immediately got asthma O___O' taihen! very much thanks to yesterday's incident...oh ya, i dunno why that damn old man was not so agree with me taking extra language classes *curses him* if i was not myself i'll make sure to force him make seppuku (harakiri) back then!!! XD XD XD

    i'm taking japanese class @ KL Plaza's ICLS (inter cultural language school)...i wanna complete my japanese 1st then i'll continue with mandarin @ d same school...d japanese class charges about RM300 per level, plus RM30 for text books for 14 Saturdays (coz i'm taking part time class)...so i dunno if u think it's an expensive one or a standard price language class coz this is my 1st time learning it...oh yeah, during my university life, i also had a hard time mixing with my chinese course mates coz they're mandarin speakers n they rather converse malay with me rather than english...they were so cute! ^^

    ahaa, just now i watched a food documentary show @ astro's oasis channel : "rasa halal orient", showing halal home made recipes from various China regions <=== surely have made me wanna study mandarin more & visit China XD XD XD mwahahahaa! *drools @ the delicious dumplings*

    about my MIA sex pistols, if i failed to find it maybe i have to reorder it again TT___TT *continue sobbing on kavz30's shoulder* XD XD XD
  9. Rage78
    @ Kavz30 - Can't seem to open the dustyhawk link..But the Canadian customs thing was an eyeopener...of all things...I thought the Canadians were very liberal since they allowed gay marriages but perhaps things have changed?

    How long will your akadot purchases take to get to you? I'm hesitant to take the risk of ordering coz I'm worried of spending too much on something that I might never get. Hope for the best though.

    @valkyriensz - Hope you're feeling better now. Sorry to hear bout that jerk interviewer...Jeez what does he have against learning Mandarin and Japanese anyways?? I think it's admirable that you're learning Mandarin and Japanese. I don't really like the Mandarin language but after watching one two many Taiwanese teenage angst dramas, I can understand Mandarin but it's a different story if I have to reply in Mandarin...I think I speak it funny lol!

    I really hope you can get your Sex Pistols back....coz it'd be a loss of epic proportion if you can't find it at the bookstores anymore. *pats a sobbing valkryiensz on the back*

    Updated 1.57 p.m,

    I ordered some more mangas from Kino y'day nite and today I got an email from them saying that they don't carry or order these titles anymore. I called them and apparently they've already started packing up our yaoi mangas to return back to the publishers. sobsobsobs..I begged and begged the customer service to try and just send me whatever they can send..she said she'd try and talk to her colleague bout it but can't promise anything...oh gawd sobsobsobs so much for waiting for it all to sell out...sobssobssobs...Zetsubou zetsubou...*cries*

    Further updates 4.45p.m

    Well, girls and boys, it's official..you CANNOT order yaoi mangas from Kino anymore...They've already packed up everything last week and have sent the books back..so my last order to them fell thru...excuse me while I go somewhere and cry my eyeballs out over this
  10. valkyriensz

    NANI!!!!???? nuuuuoooo!!! don't send all the yaois away yet!!! TT___TT *join crying wif u* then, we're surely can't order anymore, izzit? ' *zetsubouing with rage78 again* this is different as what that LJ user claimed (=''=) merciless gov! *curses & cough cough*
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