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  1. dohkajou
    what a hard work it is just to get a copy of the manga in msia.damn!
  2. kavz30
    @silvis - thanks for the news *grins* will have to go and raid Borders while stocks still last! *LOL*

    @Rage78 - i feel like telling those "goody two shoes off". heck, even my mum doesn't stop me from reading yaoi (although she does have a funny look on her face when i'm holding one in my hand), what right have they?!?! i can't wait for vol 8 to be out online soon too ...
    bangkok after CNY, hmmm? JR vol 8 comes out in March 2009 *grins* i may need to check blumanga.com again to check their release dates ... but if Kino Bangkok will have A Gentleman's Kiss (vols 1&2), i'll race you there! *LOL*
    @dohkajou - i know, it's hard work for us fangirls! *winks*
  3. valkyriensz
    hye! i'm back....just came back from perak =___=''' been forced to do some work out there for my cousin's last minute wedding...geez! i'm aching all over my body...itai!

    from all the comments given, it seems ordering online also facing difficulties eh TT___TT what should we do then? as dohkajou said, BL mangas are my daily drugs...i need to be fed with yaoi everyday to ensure myself satisfied O___O' NUUUUOOOOO! *slams my forehead on d bed* XD XD XD
  4. kavz30
    @valkyriensz - welcome back!! i still have no idea what we should do ... all i know is that i feel like a deprived child! *cries like a baby*
  5. Rage78
    @valkyriensz, hope your aching body has recovered. I've never helped out at weddings before..must mean that I have no social life or friends lol

    @kavz30 - Oooh A Gentleman's Kiss..I like that series...I still haven't receive any reply from Kino B'kok but I'm sure we can special order the titles you want - just have to get the timing right, that's all..If we're going we gotta go before March coz my guy friend would be moving to Australia with his wife in March..soooo....JR 8 might have to wait the next few months later if you are up for it hahahaa! Man, we should get medals for working so hard for our yaoi fix.

    OT, did anyone buy Ordinary Crush vol.1 & 2 as well as Sunflower vol.1? I read vol.1 of OC and I'm a little iffy on it...Is it worth buying? I've totally blown all my budget for this month buying up mangas at Kino and I'm wondering if I should pickup OC 1 and 2 as well as Sunflower...any comments about these series?
  6. kavz30
    @Rage78 - hmmm, if it's after CNY, it shouldn't be a problem *grins* meanwhile, guess i will have to rely on Mangafox.com to quench my JR fix. i sort of know the JR stories thanks to Mf, but i still want the book in my hands...yup, i fell in love with A Gentleman's Kiss (forgot the Jap title) the moment i read the sypnopsis online! and ooohhh, Ai No Kusabi vol 4 comes out in Nov this year! *sweats like a bucket* all these lovely delicious titles i'm missing out!! haven't read any of the titles you mentioned. are they any good?
  7. valkyriensz
    thanks for d wish XD i'm recovering but another problem gets on me O__o' *girls' common problem XD*

    @rage78 & kavz30
    >.< nyuuu~ i haven't read those yaoi titles!! ' where can i find them? *preparing to ambush garden's borders* XD XD XD
  8. Rage78
    @kavz30 - A Gentleman's Kiss (Tsumasaki ni kiss) both volumes were completely scanlated by DP..but you won't find it avail. online anymore since it's been licensed..

    Side stories related to this series is Zettai Unmei Houteishiki - 1 vol. completely scanlated by Hoch. This one is about the youngest brother, TamakixTomoyuki (Tomo is 12 years older..muahahahaha)

    The other side story related to Tsumasaki is Gravity Eyes - 2 volumes and completely scanlated by DP..This story follows Kyouya who appeared in Tsumasaki. He was the one pursuing Homura...muaahahahhaa!

    Better get Zettai Unmei and Gravity Eyes while they are still unlicensed.

    @ valkyriensz - sorry to hear bout your common girls' problem XD...you gotta love those visits lol. The titles kavz30 and I mentioned are already licensed...sooooo you know what that means...but Zettai Unmei and Gravity Eyes are still avail. for dl since they're not 'bagged' by those evil American publishers ---yet. lol
  9. dohkajou
    american publisher really kills those who rely on online scanlation
  10. kavz30
    oh my god....

    somebody please kill me before my bills arrive!

    i couldn't resist it, i just HAD to buy something from akadot retail (they have a DMP book sale now). i also chucked in A Gentleman's Kiss vol 1 (nett price though) in that damm virtual cart. total damage: USD 30 (rounding it up). total shipping cost: USD 42!!!

    *sweats* i've gone crazy!!

    i take NO responsibility for my actions since it's the dammed authority's fault that i am deprived of yaoi manga now!!! *unrepentant grin*

    ummm ... anybody planning to ambush Borders at MidValley tomorrow afternoon? i need to check if they have Rin! (vols 1-3)
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