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  1. Rage78
    @dohkajou, we're gonna have to find alternatives...We're waiting for the verdict from Sef on her purchase from Amazon.

    I wonder if Thailand allows yaoi mangas in? Do we know anyone there? yes, I am so desperate lol...It should be pretty cheap to fly by AirAsia rite?

    ROFLMAO!! My guy friend is currently at Borders at Curve and I sorta asked him to get me Alone In My King's Harem and Lover's Flat...Hee...He just texted me to not to talk to him for awhile while he gets over the awkwardness of buying two yaoi mangas ROFLMAO!! He's seriously considering help from alcohol too. Hee.

    And yeah, I made him ask the Border staff if we could special order yaoi mangas or bringing in new stock, they said they pretty much can do special orders but NOT for CERTAIN manga. We all know what that certain manga is...Wonder if they categorized Loveless and Silver Diamond under CERTAIN manga?
  2. dohkajou
    lol..your friend sure is funny.

    i have friends in thailand but they don't read that kind of manga.*my campus is so full of innocent people.*(laughing evilly)
  3. kavz30
    @Rage78 i feel for your friend *LOL* tell him i'll buy him a cup of coffee for helping to spread yaoi love (to steal a phrase from evangeline90).
    must go to Borders and see what they have there (haven't been there in such a long time).
    Singapore totally banned yaoi so that country is out of the question *sigh*
    guess it's amazon ... has anyone tried ebay?
  4. dohkajou
    nope.haven't try that one.
  5. evangeline90
    You mean ebay m'sia? Cuz if it's ebay US it still has to go thru customs. Ebay m'sia doesn't have hard stuff (no fangirl in their right mind would let go of that i mean come on!), but i thought i saw one or two light titles, tho the people selling are charging an arm and a leg for it.

    WTF, I thought Singapore prided themselves on being more open and diff than m'sia, why are they as pigheaded as m'sia bout yaoi then? WHAT WENT WRONG!?

    Spread the love!!! *winks @ kav*
  6. kavz30

    just found out from a friend that www.jlist.com is another online site to buy stuff from, though i haven't checked it out yet.

    Also, there is an online manga site www.mangafox.com - they have online versions of Junjo Romantica, thank goodness. dunno about the other yaoi titles though but i'm just glad i can have my JR fix online *LOL* i still want the books on my shelves though...
    @evangeline90, yeah, ur right about ebay m'sia: which fangirl would let go of their collection? *smiles* i know i wouldn't!
  7. Rage78
    @ kavz30 - My friend is now talking to me, so I guess he managed to overcome the trauma of buying yaoi manga roflmao! We're planning to descend on Borders at Curve this coming Saturday...soooo gals, please leave me a nice complete set of Passion please LOL! Who knows maybe I'll see some of you there. You never know.

    Ebay Malaysia?? They don't exactly have a wide range of stuff to appeal to us fangirls/fanboys do they? And I sure as hell won't let go of my collection now that getting new supply is harder than Anwar proving himself innocent.

    This jlist.com, is it in Malaysia or out of Malaysia..but everything we buy from overseas goes thru Kastams doesn't it? And thank gawd for JR online - I got to read vol. 7 and am happy to have proven right about the 3rd party.

    Okay, I've been mulling over this for quite sometime now, I sent an enquiry to Kino Bangkok to ask if they have a ban on bringing in yaoi mangas (haven't got a reply yet) but if they don't have a ban on that genre of manga, what do you girls think about us organizing a trip or something to head to Kino in Bangkok to buy our stash? Of course we can't buy too much since we'll have to bring them back and face the Kastam...But my friend said that they won't open our hand luggage and check them but will scan them...so we could wrap it up in wrapping paper or something to get past the Kastam. But better to get maybe 5-6 books only, just in case

    What do you all think? Is it a feasible idea? We could plan a trip or something after CNY or something...Tell me what you think.

    OR we could find someone in the US who is willing to scan the mangas for us but they'll have to ceraikan the pages to get a good clean flat scan; we'll of course pay for the book and a little token sum for their hardwork..what do you gals think?
  8. kavz30
    @rage78 - good to know your friend has recovered *grins*

    the jlist.com is out of Malaysia which means going thru our "beloved" kastams here ... *sigh* why are things so difficult for us??? btw, when you mean 3rd party in JR (and i also had my suspicions about a 3rd party), was the one involving Misaki and Aikihiko? i want to know what happens in vol 8 as i am not convinced about the scene in vol 7 ...

    i don't mind having an outstation trip to BKK to buy my yaoi *grins* what about the rest of you?
  9. ~silvis~
    Went and drop by Borders in Gardens and it seems like they're still selling yaoi manga and novel there! Quickly bought some just in case. :P
    Though there wasn't much variety there. Oh well beggars can't be choosers. >___<
    Small question. Those that ordered from akadot, did the kastam stop it?
  10. Rage78
    @silvis, that sounds like great news...the thing is, are they bringing in anymore new stock...or are they like Kino, selling off their old stock never to replenish forevermore?

    @kavz30 - things are difficult because, well, they think they're doing us a favour by guiding us straight on the path of being a good hetero...
    Oh yesh, by 3rd party, I meant AkixMisaki..I was talking with my friend bout the synopsis for vol. 7 in vol.6 and I told her I bet it's that fella and lo behold! it was him LOL! Let's hope we get to read vol.8 online or we'd really, really have to resort to drastic means. And OMG I saw the OgN artboook on jlist and I was drooling over it lol! Too bad...

    I still haven't received a reply from Kino Bangkok..maybe I'd get a better response if I wrote to them in Thai? I'll try and send an enquiry again. But seriously, kavz30, my guy friend and I are planning to go to Bangkok next year and I think he's got a pen friend who stays there who might be able to guide us around. Sooo, I guess we have to work out the best time to order from the Kino there and make sure the books arrive to coincide with our visit..if you are serious about it?

    Is no else interested in going? Because seriously, if we do go there and buy new supplies, we won't be able to buy any for anyone else since it's like every woman for herself since we dare not bring in too many books. Give it a thought people. There is still time.
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