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  1. aarinfantasy
    Just posting here~~~ Just because ^_^;;; It's so tough that social media has taken over most of our lives... and people lesser and lesser here, even more so in this group.
    Anyways, just leave a message if you ever stumbled upon this message.
  2. miss_ruy
    never posted a post before here. but there's a first for everything right?
    i am a Malaysian too!
  3. amytullah
    Hey everyone!! I'm not sure if anyone might be reading this but it'll be great if someone does. I'm quite new here but i've been into BL for quite a long time. i'm just wondering if theres a yearly BL event being held in Malaysia? and also since yaoi mangas were banned in kinokuniya.. are they perhaps selling it anywhere else? i srsly wish more BL events could be held so that i can freely enjoy and discuss my interests as a fujoshi *^* ~
  4. AsherKai
    Hello! My comrades!! Im from Putrajaya~ nice to meet u guys!٩(●˙▽˙●)۶
  5. Swiftionerx
    does anyone still alives? ive been here a long ago, but had left it for quite a while and just come back to it. im pretty sure that this website used to be really active back then. im so,, disappointed to see this
  6. Swiftionerx
    okay welpp, i just found out the owner of this website is a malaysian too??? what are the chancess XoX srsly that is a shocking fact!! tell me aarin, where r from, how old and r u a female or male cz im prettt sure u r one hell of a girl!! hahahahah u know how a fujoshi and fudanshi just so,, so differ. we could be wilder u know. so im expecting you to be around ur twenties ??
  7. aarinfantasy
    oh dear, didn't check this section for ages! Well, I guess you may not see this @Swiftionerx ; but I will just answer you here anyway XD I am from KL, female and actually just turned 40!~ haha Totally different from what you imagine I guess? XD
  8. Adrian76
    I am here, revisit this page after years away.......Hi ya.....Aarin....I am also 40 but ++ haha... I am glad this forum is still alive and I am currently hooked on to MDZS anime and drama Untamed, SVSS and of cos TGCF! Chinese anime is sooo cool now! Also, due to MCO been damaging my pockets with purchases from Taobao, merchandises and of cos some cosplay costume! I got Wei Wu Xian cosplay costume already, now waiting Shen Qing Qiu to be sent from taobao....haha. See you all again!
  9. yarvessa
    Hi there! I've been a lurker around the forum since forever but don't think I've left a message here before.

    Hi again, I'm yarvessa and currently staying in Selangor. I was an active lurker in the forum back in the days but lost touch when I lost some interest in anime. I was still reading BL stuffs, in the form of fanfic and MM Romance novels (Josh Lanyon and Sloan Parker being some of my faves) but it was only recently that I got back into anime and manga due to nostalgia and seeing an instgram post from aarin about The Titan's Bride which piqued my interest.

    Currently I enjoy reading all forms of BL, written or graphic, published or not, am trying to catch up on BL animes and dramas (thank you aarin for the recent uploads) I've missed in the past 6+ years, am trying to finish Banana Fish while keeping my heart intact and am hopelessly addicted to Given and it's songs. Also I missed having friends to talk BL with, haha.

    Pleased to properly meet y'all
  10. Galanos
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