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  1. aarinfantasy
    Wah cAyenNe , a 9 year old watching SiH?! That's too young to watch that anime in my opinion >.<;;;

    Adrian76 , just curious then... how old are you? 1976 as per your username?~ It's very rare to find a Malaysian guy here actually.
  2. Adrian76
    To Aarin and all that are curious,
    Well, as it is, I am going 36 soon.....yes people would think being a guy means I am gay which I am not, if you wanna know. I just want to get myself exposed to all and know about the changing world. Well, it doesnt mean you have to be gay or a girl to watch yaoi and stuff but I know that alot of my friends dont watch them so, that is why you are curious. There wasnt any much anime in my early childhood and my mom always say I'm still abit childish, eventhough I am old enough to start a family. I was quite stressful with the problems my deceased father left us and his business in shambles, which I have to pick up from him. So, anime, yaoi whatever that can give me some peace of mind would help me re-energised my mind into solving those problems.

    The main reason I am still single because I am still looking for the right person to come into my life, since my last relationship during my University days. I hope my problems will go away one day and I can start anew again. Anime and yaoi has brought up more happiness in my stressful life as I have new stuff to look forward to. To me, conservative love is just evolve girl and guy, yaoi would be come kind of new love interest that intrigued me, so I take up the challenge to be open minded and look into it and enjoy it, which I glad I did! Mind you, perhaps I am a little choosy on storyplot whether its yaoi or not, but I do enjoy the humor they provide me and I love fun yaoi! Maybe who knows, I could meet someone who enjoys anime and yaoi too! Love will find its way into my heart someday I hope!

    Well, hope that answers all your curiosity! Gambateh to me LOLX
  3. valkyriensz
    Hi Malaysian fans..it's been ages I have not been posting here thanks to my burdening career ''orz

    Oh wow~~! I see Malaysian fudanshi here..Hello Adrian!! Nice to meet you ^o^/ Just like Aarin said, it's kinda rare to know there's male BL fan like you >__</
  4. aarinfantasy
    @valkyriensz, it's even rarer for a guy who is not gay to like BL as much as Adrian76 does! ^^ So this is quite a nice thing to know and INTERESTING too
  5. Enchant
    Hi there! Im new here and Im a yaoi fangirl ~~
    Just started on yaoi like a month or so ago and got so addicted to it now.
    I am from Subang Jaya, Selangor and obviously ... im a girl =D

  6. toshio0430
    Hello everyone I'm new to yaoi you know XD the first yaoi i watched was JR(actually sensitive pornograph was my first yaoi lol but don't i like it -_- i watched that when i was 9 or 10 years old.yeah i'm perv btw i'm not fan of yaoi on that time but now...HELL YES!).that anime was freaking awesome
    i'm so glad that aarin created this forum! and i shocked when i found out that she's from Malaysia XD Nice to meet you everyone.
  7. onlysxn
    hey guys! there's a malaysia yaoi fan group now, if you're interested in joining. we can discuss further yaoi-cons here

    Malaysia Yaoi Fans
  8. nayu28
    I'm from Kuala Terengganu------
    we can meet up at the Library if you want huueeeeeeeeee <333
  9. chibineijie
    Hi hi! chibi here! chibi is from Kuantan~ i just knew that aarin is a malaysian =O it was the best yaoi/shounen ai website in the world! im proud of you aarinfantasy!!
  10. Syaoran336
    Hi everyone,i'm Malaysian too...
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