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  1. hakuryuu2026
    What can I say...my first reaction was like...;
    Wow, there're actually many yaoifans in Malaysia?!! Too bad I never realised..XP
    I've close friends from school who like yaoi as me, but sad enough we got separated (only 2 of us get into same university and matriculation college, but of course, different courses and room too,, so it's kinda hard for us to meet and have a chat)...as for others, they went into university in Pahang and Sarawak...we really got separated, huh?

    Btw, nice to meet all of ya~
  2. cheezy
    D: Wait the custom's getting stricter by the day? How am I supposed to lug back 300+ books of BL novel and manga then! I thought of using fedex to ship my stuff back to Malaysia, is it even safe to do that now?! Tak boleh balik kampung dah. OTL Does the custom open every single damn boxes that goes through immigration?!

    PS: It's been a long time since I was here!
  3. aarinfantasy
    For those who asked, there is no official Sekaiichi DVDs out yet with subs... the official ones will be out by the people who's selling Junjou Romantica. So to buy online, it will be from rightstuf.com but do remember that it is not out yet when I posted this msg. If there is any out with subs now, it's just bootleg or downloaded version. Imagine one original Japanese DVD of the OVA costs me around RM216 including shipping from Japan. If you really want for collection and support the industry, wait and buy the official English subbed one whole set licensed by USA production.

    @cheezy ; oooh I am not sure about that, you might have to try sending some first? And yes, they open every boxes now, but they do not unwrap DVDs and books. HOWEVER, I noticed there's a cut on the clear wrap for a few of my bought BL manga the last few times I got them, is like they cut it to peek a few random pages! I am quite sure that's what they did since it happened to a few manga this year! And the last straw was the confiscation of my two BL manga from BookDepository simply because they don't shrink wrap the books, so Custom people sure open and see the content (OMG and sent me 2 warning letters and 2 to collect it). But hell no, I am not gonna go collect it because I know I will get scolded by them and get fined, and no books (my friend's bf got that before cuz his gf sent him a very explicit magazine from UK). So I am gonna take a long break from ordering anything, if not I am going to have another address to be sent to. But I am quite sure my books got ditahan because of free shipping and I didn't pay EMS which covers the tax.

    Good luck with your purchases everyone!~
  4. PrinceLighT
    i juz saw Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi DVD box at Sungei Wang Plaza.....
  5. aarinfantasy
    @PrinzeLighT ; That DVD box is 100% not original... *sigh*
  6. suicidal_yaoilove
    how long does it take for a book ordered form Book Depository to arrive to M'sia and reach my house?
    I've never ordered online before so wanna try. =)
  7. aarinfantasy
    Hi suicidal_yaoilove, sorry for the late reply... forgot check here ^^;;;
    Well Book Depository books reach me anytime between 10 days to 16 days after I ordered.
    They send 1 book at a time, and pls note due to its free shipping... ordering yaoi manga is a risk. But I think just BL (no hardcore stuff) is fine.
  8. sef
    @aarinfantasy : wish you all the best in life. We all have different priorities in life and I'm closing my 20ish chapter too. Another 3 years I'll be 30 and I'm making important decision in life too. x 3689834
    Just curious about donation though I don't donate regularly. Will you stillbe the channel if we opt for bank in? Thanks, I know you'll be very busy replying PMs, threads and VMs
  9. onako82
    Hallo~~~ Another Malaysian here & she's from Malacca but currently based in Kepong, Kl, haha! Glad to have saw this group
  10. aarinfantasy
    @sef: ooops I saw this really late, you can always PM me for immediate attention, I usually check my PM daily. Donation I still able to receive from Malaysians through bank account transfer, no problem. Just PM me for more info? Thanks~ And yes, I am still the channel and still the person who pays for the servers every month

    @onaho82: WELCOME!~
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