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  1. sef
    I was just wondering did anyone ever purchase the limited edition for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 5? check link HERE
    I was just wondering what's the content?
    By the way, if anyone is getting their Sekaiichi/ Junjou (Japanese raw) from Kinokuniya, bad news- they are not allowed to bring in anymore. They had their shipment checked at the kastam,
  2. aarinfantasy
    Hi sef, I bought that one because of the DVD or Episode 0 (the OVA). It comes in a box, the manga and the DVD, that's all... if not wrong, there's a post card like thing too. I forgot the exact contents cuz I bought it some months back XD (when kastam werent that strict)

    OMG! That's bad news, is the kastam being so strict NOW with ALL the yaoi books?! I have not ordered any yaoi manga since my 2 books got ditahan >.<
  3. EkaMixZzZ
    I order through BORDERS... So far don't have any problem... But in future dunno what happen... But I really need BLUE SHEEP REVERIE VOLUME 03 and 04... I'll pay and if you're around TTDI DAMANSARA... I don't have any problem to go there
  4. norsue
    @EkaMixZzZ , have you try asking Hime Sama? she has tons of yaoi manga to let go. I think she has Blue Sheep Reverie 03, not sure about vol 4 ^^
  5. aoiluka
    hi hi, I just saw aarin's announcement about this:

    If I want to buy the dvd can I find it in Malaysia (if yes where can I find it?) or do I have to buy it online?
  6. Sphere89
    A 21 year old yaoi fangirl from Sungai Petani, Kedah here!! I was first introduced to yaoi/shonen-ai in high school when a friend of mine showed me the accidental kissing scene between Naruto and Sasuke in ep.2 (they are not even a real couple..but oh well..>.<) Then,she lend me her Gravitation DVD and i was hooked!! Bought myself a few of the Tokyopop original releases myself (my poor wallet!)..and as any other fan girl, i went on 'converting' my best friend into a yaoi fan but now that i'm studying in a local private medical science university...everyone here is practically a bookworm and its hard to discuss anything anime related openly...>.<
  7. ricewormjace
    I m from kl, nw studyin in melaka though...
    Actuali quite suprised we have so many yaoi fans in malaysia!!
    Mayb sumday we cn meet up... in reality?! coz sad to have so few people to chat bout yaoi in reality .... *sobbing*
  8. ricewormjace
    Yup.. It's real hard to get ur hands on yaoi manga here... especially eng. version..
    But chinese version is ok though... I saw them in Hiro Comic at Petaling street... Not many..
    But since I m a regular, d boss said b4 that if I have any specific manga I want, I cn ask him...
    Though I never ask 4 yaoi b4, guess he cn stil get it...
  9. sef
    @Aarin: thanks. =)
    @aoiluka: I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem for you to find Sekaiichi Hatsukoi DVD in S&M building- 4th floor situated at Petaling Street KL. It's just that the sub wouldn't be good or they may just DL online and burn it, repackage and sell them as an original.
  10. hakuryuu2026
    What can I say...my first reaction was like...;
    Wow, there're actually many yaoifans in Malaysia?!! Too bad I never realised..XP
    I've close friends from school who like yaoi as me, but sad enough we got separated (only 2 of us get into same university and matriculation college, but of course, different courses and room too,, so it's kinda hard for us to meet and have a chat)...as for others, they went into university in Pahang and Sarawak...we really got separated, huh?

    Btw, nice to meet all of ya~
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