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Malaysian Fans!

  1. suicidal_yaoilove
    flies in and say

    @ aarin: you cant get the books back? awww... but you wont be charged by the law or something like that right?
  2. aarinfantasy
    @suicidal_yaoilove: I think I should be safe, but definitely won't get the book. It's one book though... so now it's making me to rethink to import anymore yaoi manga. Otherwise, I have to check Borders for them instead.
  3. Gwynhafra
    Viva fellow Malaysian yaoi-fans~ I'm from Petaling Jaya~ Glad to join the gang~
  4. Seraph
    Isn't there any BL manga in Kinokuniya?
    I bet I saw some a couple of years ago though...
  5. aarinfantasy
    omg! My second book got ditahan! (It was ordered the same time as the 1st one anyway)... argh I think I won't be ordering anything anymore from free shipping places. Both are from BookDepository. I think it's because of the free delivery thing >.> I might have to try using EMS from Akadot as usual.

    This second book is Vol 3 Viewfinder though =x (sure ditahan cuz so hardcore but I got it safely from Akadot for Vol1 and 2) >.<;;;
  6. norsue
    aarin --> thats too bad I asked someone from comic fiesta forum to buy me VF vol 3 and all you need is love vol 2 from ebay. Lucky she received both without any problem. both are in my hands now ^^ i asked hime sama to order vf vol 3 from bookdepository for me too. i hope she will be lucky enough to receive the books without any problem and thats means i will have an extra VF vol 3 ^^
  7. aarinfantasy
    wow what u gonna do with the extra VF vol 3? XD
    I think I will just order from Akadot through EMS... =.=
  8. norsue
    aarin--> will sell it back of course do you want it? if it safetly arrive in my hands ^^
  9. aarinfantasy
    @norsue: Oooh I don't mind~ PM me if you got it ok, thanks!
  10. norsue
    aarin--> ok. no problem
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