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  1. valkyriensz
    Wargh~ It's been ages I haven't drop by here thanks to all those school's crap loads of bothersome work ''orz *waves to all* Ossu minnasan, I am desperately in need of a guide here:

    Between CDjapan and YesAsia on9 purchase, which one is better in terms of services, shipment, charges/tax and trustworthy?? m(_ _)m onegaishimasu soshite arigatou gozaimasuuu~!!

    Wish all of you having the happiest & cheerful days in life (despite of how heart broken we were knowing Japan's sufferings but we do believe Nihon will rise and shine again ne)
  2. aarinfantasy
    Hi valkyriensz, I would say CDJapan (from Japan) rather than YesAsia (from HK). It's not because of country origin it was because of an experience I had. YesAsia said "Free Shipping" but in fact it is NOT! I got taxed because the free shipping did not include some tax that was included like the one by CDJapan. If you wanna pay tax, you have to pay for the shipping options from YesAsia. My interactions with both are okay... their customer service replies were good... though I need to return a spoiled CD from YesAsia (it was a HK old music CD) but they refunded it to me asap. If you are buying Japanese stuff, YesAsia needs to import from Japan first and then send it to you if they don't have ready stock.

    YesAsia uses FEDEX while CDJapan uses PosLaju. Of course I like the packaging of CDJapan over YesAsia. The only thing why I buy from YesAsia is it has more availability of things and choices than CDJapan. Otherwise, I prefer to pay just a bit more to CDJapan for shipping (I usually use EMS). But do compare the prices most of all.
    Anyway, if you are not looking for DVDs/CDs but manga instead, do go to Free shipping worldwide on all books from The Book Depository first (free shipping that won't charge you tax even and it arrived safely for me after so many orders).

    I received stuff from Japan still on time despite the quake that happened there. CDJapan was not really affected.
  3. valkyriensz
    QwQ Thanks so much for the valuable info Aarin!!! *hagu*hagu* I'm intending to buy 2 Japanese theatrical DVDs and has been comparing those 2 sites but still has no clue on which one to prefer either one though the price list (MYR converted) were differ After read your reply, I'm convinced to choose CD Japan now =u= Bunch of thanks again Aarin!!! And thanks for the manga guide too!!
  4. suicidal_yaoilove
    Is anyone interested in buying the two version volume 6 of viewfinder series? I've never bought stuff online before so was hoping to get some help or if anyone is buying can buy for me too I'll pay you back.
  5. aarinfantasy
    @suicidal_yaoilove: There are TWO versions of Volume 6? I never know! I ordered mine already from BookDepository (pre order) like 1 month ago and should be on the way from there to my mailbox by next week. I suggest you get it from BookDepository too, it's been always safe for me and convenient for us Malaysian... no shipping fees! Try one time buy online and see.
  6. suicidal_yaoilove
    @aarin: Isn't there 2 version? Can you post the link to the page? I type Ayano Yamene in the search but it only give me up to volume 4 of the series. Based on the Yaoi review the books will be in Japanese right? Do you think they will publish english translate of these two version? I'm not sure.... buz if there is i'll rather wait and buy the english ones since i cant read japanese....

    Quote from Yaoi Review.
    Finder no Netsujou aka Viewfinder V6 released today in Japan in two different versions. The Limited Edition is sold exclusively by Animate and includes a different booklet in which Asami, Akihito AND Feilong hook up in a threesome!

    The Animate Exclusive Edition includes a booklet with a side story about Akihito finding a 'secret' room and the sexy BDSM hijinks that ensue when Asami finds out what he did......
  7. aarinfantasy
    oops I thought you meant Volume 3 when I read that, nevermind haha.
    And SADLY one of my yaoi manga got DITAHAN today!!!! (order sent in by BookDepository)
    I think I won't be getting that book anymore.
  8. EkaMixZzZ
    I really need BLUE SHEEP REVERIE v02 and v03 by Makoto Tateno... Is there anyone want to sell it both? I'll pay ... Any seller from Damansara or PJ or KL? I'll go pay on the spot --> (working at TTDI)
  9. norsue
    @EkaMixZzZ... you can try asking Hime Sama. I think she has BLUE SHEEP REVERIE v02 but not sure about vo3. I've bought tons of yaoi from her ^^
    she got a lots of yaoi for sell
  10. aarinfantasy
    Hi Ekamixzzz, I have those copies but not selling it =x
    Brand new Vol1,2 and 3 haven't open from shrink wrap yet! lol... no time to read those.
    And I am in Penang =x
    Bought mine from Akadot some months back.
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