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  1. valkyriensz
    woooa...! 18 mangas? (u mean u have 18 titles eh?) that's quite a big number of collection!! i envy u too XD *pats kavz30* compared to mine, i only have love mode v.1-9 (sadly, 2 more vols to complete if the stupid reporter or whoever responsible didn't make such ruckus), love pistol v.1-5, crimson spell v.1, jazz v.1-4, kizuna v.1-4, passion v.1-4 n few oneshots...grrr...i'm hunger for more!!! X0

    thanks for the tips *squeal* by the way, since u mentioned kino bookweb is still selling yaoi, how do we purchase the mangas from them? is it the same online order method like amazon? *super curious* XD
  2. sef
    the shipment fees is more expensive than my book if I order for a single title ^0^......the yaoi novel is USD8.95. The shipment and handling fees would be USD9.98. Luckily, I purchase a few more textbook and *normal novel*...so, I only pay a bit more for the handling fees^^
    Can't imagine if only buy one title from Amazon, and have to bear the expensive shipment fees.
    @kavz30: I'm curios as well how can I get from Kino???
  3. kavz30
    harrows! sorry about the late reply ...

    hmmm ... ordering it via the kino bookweb is almost the same as from amazon ... let me know if the link doesn't work, yeah!

    type in author name or title in the search box and it would lead you to the next page listing ALL relevant titles (based on what you typed) complete with book title, author, format and price info.
    click on the title (blue-lined) that you want and it would lead you to the book's infopage. at the far right of the page, there would be a "stock information" box that has the "add to shopping cart" icon.
    click on that shopping cart icon and it will lead you to the order page. in that order page, key in your details ie name, contact number and email address. there's also two options to get the book: they can send it to you (there's a delivery charge) or you can opt to pick that book up at KLCC.
    if the book's available, you should get an email the next business day, notifying you that the book(s) been collected and ready for pick up at the reservation counter. if they don't have the title you want in stock, they will also email you notifying that.

    have fun browsing thru the Kino bookweb! *grins*
  4. sef
    okie........I didn't actually order through Kino bookweb but I check the Kino website today and whatever title still contain within the website, it is still available on-sale *secretly*...I went and grab another 17 books today and to those who interested in the titles that available on the shelves earlier in Kino, you can reserve via email^^
    but they told me they won't bring in anymore yaoi title ....
  5. Rage78
    Since Kino won't be bringing in new stock of yaoi manga (curses to the Kastam), I purchased 7 more books - I wouldn't have bought the titles without first sampling them, but I was worried that I'd regret not getting it. Let's hope the purchase is worth it. Luckily I managed to get the copy of vol. 1 of Mister Mistress (Aijin Incubus) but I don't know what to do with vol. 2...sobsobsobs...I was also looking forward to getting Black Knight - curses again.

    Seriously, how safe is it to order thru Amazon? Won't it get confiscated at the Kastam's? Did someone make a big fuss about these morally corrupting genre or something that the Kastam suddenly wised up? Don't ever order thru Acmamall...they're useless. I ordered some Christine Feehan titles from them some time back and twice my orders were confiscated by the overzealous you-know-who. The funny thing is the titles that they confiscated were available at MPH, Popular...I mean is there a set standard procedure or do they confiscate based on what the individual you-know-what thinks is morally right?

    I'd love to get more titles from Kino like Hero Heel but they are missing book no.3 so I decided not to get it. What a waste...I'm still trying to swallow that huge lump of disappointment and anger in my throat and chest but still can't get over it..sigh...

    Other than writing or petitioning the US publishers to accommodate the fans like us by selling the manga in e-book/pdf form, I wonder if we could get someone who is in the US to scan the mangas bought on our behalf? If let's say, if it's a no go ordering from Amazon etc..? Of course we'd pay for the purchase of the title and also a small token amount for scanning the manga...What do you all think? Workable? Or is there someone living in the US who comes back regularly and can sneak in our books for us?
  6. sef
    @rage: seriously, I'm not sure how safe it is, but I was just trying my luck for my first yaoi manga purchase from Amazon...that's all^__^
  7. Rage78
    Sef, I really pray for your sake and the money you spent that your order arrives in your hands safe and sound...But since you said you included other 'normal' books along with the so-called sinful one, I guess it should be okay kua...I was wondering coz I remembered reading a comment on an LJ once that one M'sian gal tried a few times to get the manga but everytime it met with an unmoveable force that is our Kastam...

    BTW, someone mentioned some posts back bout Ms. Joanne of Kino teaching them how to order personally online to beat our Kastam...can someone elaborate on that?
  8. kavz30
    harrow, harrow!

    thank goodness it's Friday!

    you know, ever since this ban, i feel like i've lost the will to live *grins* i know, sounds so drama, right? *grins*

    i was so mad at Kosmo that i ranted about it in my blog in MySpace and also translated the articles from Malay to English for the whole world to read. Small petty revenge, i know... was just thinking, if any of you want a copy of the English translations to distribute to the whole world to know how stupid our authorities are, let me know. i'm more than happy to do that! *evil laughter*
  9. Rage78
    OMG Kavz, I know what you mean LOL! I been sighing the whole day today thinking about the ban..and when I got my manga from Kino, I was kept looking at it with sadness, "soon I won't be able to buy anymore of you"...and sighing.

    My friend was telling me that the next time we go out, he'll treat me to lunch at Zen to cheer me up. ROFLMAO. We love watching Asian horror movies. I was even thinking of watching Susuk...I definitely don't have anything good to say about Jgn Pandang Belakang, but the trailer for Susuk looked good...perhaps there might be something funny in it to make me laugh like Kuntilanak 3. It wasn't as funny as Spirit Of the Glass (Philippine horror movie) though...

    I think bringing attention to the idiocy of Kosmo is just what it deserves...seriously someone should shut down that blasted tabloid thrash..I mean did the reporter ignore the fact that the staff said that majority buyers are aged 25 above? The way he phrased his words in the article made me feel like we were guilty of buying paedophile porn...Okies I think my blood is boiling up again ^^'
  10. dohkajou
    kosmo definitely love to flare matters up.now how am i suppose to satisfy my need for yaoi collection if the kastam interfere with the shipping?damn!
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