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Malaysian Fans!

  1. suetlana
    minasan~ Happy new year 2011!
  2. norsue
    Happy New Year everyone!! ^_^
  3. winifred
    Hello everyone~ I didn't notice there is a Malaysia group here >< Anyway I'm from KL currently working in a books heaven company XD
    Great to know more Yaoi's fans from Malaysia, I'm Yaoi, BL, anime, seiyuu, manga...'s lover as in Malaysia I hardly can find fans to talk about them XDD
  4. kavz30
    *chuckles* very very belated Happy New Years, people!

    i just finished watching Koisuru Boukun OVA 2, and i liked it more than OVA 1...showed more from the senpai's point of view...interesting how he falls by degrees, but i'm sure he'll make Morinaga work hard for his affections! BTW, doesn't Morinaga look alot like Nowaki from Junjo Romantica? (I'm a Nowaki fan, btw! *LOL*)

    Found out that DMP has licensed Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko (Rabbit Man, Tiger Man). I'd read the first volume, and i'm so looking forward to the rest. That manga is super cute in how they portray the romance!!

    What's up with everybody else?
  5. sakurai93
    @sef, @iruka92 Thank you!

    Happy belated new year to everyone! XD
  6. TheResha
    i am malaysian... ^^ i wonder y yaoi comics are more expensive compare to other type d??
  7. suetlana
    hi~! how's everyone!

    @kavz30: I read the manga last week I think, and I like it very much two. I read until volume 2. Can't wait for the rest. Today I read super lover! I really love it! so damn cute These few days I've been reading manga alot. Trying out my not so good Japanese hahaha~ but the super lover manga is easy to understand. speaking of junjou romantica, I like the terrorist better hehe~ Lately I like the sadist type way too much. the type who like to tease and bully their partner hahaha...am I turning into one? :P

    @TheResha: no idea. because it's all imported? I live by the scanlated one, since I'm broke T__T

    @sakurai93: happy new year!
  8. Kyosora132
    Wow plenty of malaysians here cool!!! And i thought that very few people actually have interest in yaoi...

    (oh wait) HI everyone!!! Now in KL in my room of course since any other place in my house would give my family a heart attack...
    Never bought any yaoi comics cause i'm with my family most of the time if I go out so how am i suppose to buy???
    I have one shounen ai comic in chinese (yes i'm chinese and i can speak chinese) and i think its hidden deep inside my normal comics pile...even the normal ones I'm afraid my family would suddenly take and read them! *faints*

    If i can i would buy at least 1 if i had the chance but yeah its pricey... Gonna hope that day comes!~
  9. ~silvis~
    Happy Chinese New Year you guys
  10. sef
    Hello fellow Malaysian, happy chinese new year and happy holidays <3
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