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  1. sef
    Heya! anyone going for this coming Sunday AnimanGaki or the upcoming AFA X?
    click HERE for AnimanGaki
    click HERE for AFA
  2. aarinfantasy
    Nope sadly... I can't go out of my house or go out anywhere for this few weeks >.<;;; Ankle badly sprained.
  3. ~silvis~
    Not in Malaysia anymore XD
  4. aarinfantasy
    @sef: The AniMangaki I know a friend's friend who went there and took pics. If you have FB you can check out: Login | Facebook
  5. sakurai93
    wow.. this site looks different now...

    Yay! i finished my SPM.. XD
  6. sef
    @sakurai: Congrats and welcome back <33
    @Aarin: thanks for the photos, I have more adding to that plus the latest CF held in Times Square. Check out my link HERE

    @All: to those who will celebrate christmas - Merry Christmas and for those not gonna celebrate, hope you have a nice holiday or shopping spree.

  7. akayuki
    Merry Christmas everybody! and a Happy New Year ahead ^^
  8. valkyriensz
    Belated Meri Kurisumasu & Akemashite Omedetou minna!! ^^/ sorry for the short notice but please read my post in the group's Bad News thread..Emergency!! Taihen!!
  9. Horong
    Hmmm. Just a question. Where is BLGarden's website? I've tried to search for it but I can't find it. Do you guys know where it is?
  10. iruka92
    @sakurai93 congratulations!

    Belated Christmas wishes to everyone... live has been hectic and I'll be off to college again this weekend... sobs.

    Guys, this may sound random but have you ever bought mangas from bookdepository.uk ? Free shipping to Malaysia and the price is quite okay to me... The question is.. how's the packaging.. since I plan to get a yaoi manga from the online store.. I wouldn't be home and I know my parents wouldn't bother to open the package.. precautions you know, lol. :B

    Any other suggestions on where to get the mangas?
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