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Malaysian Fans!

  1. sef
    Yo there, Happy Holidays and Selamat Hari Raya to those who will be celebrating this festive season. ^^
  2. aarinfantasy
    Hello everyone, I am late but Selamat Hari Raya to all celebrating it and Happy Holidays too.

    @Voelyn: I think got more Malaysian fans in this forum just that they dunno about this Social Group yet! hehe
  3. norsue
    I've start working today after taken 1 week leave to celebrate hari raya ^^
    For those who celebrate it, "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin "
  4. Aamyra
    Yeaaah, true that. I guess they'll eventually end up here haha!
  5. sakurai93
    oh my, there's no Selamat Hari Malaysia here..

    Happy belated Malaysia Day!!! ^___^
  6. Aamyra
    Oh yeah! Happy Belated Malaysia Day as well, lmao! xx
  7. kanpai112

    ohayo minna-san~~~
    wah~ i cannot believe this, the creator of aarinfantasy is malaysian? oh my~
    i thought the founder is someone from USA or somewhere around the glob (well, i have joined a lot of communities online, and all of it are based in USA)
    wow man, i am proud to be here~ good job aarinfantasy-san~
    hello everybody~
    i am new here, and just like kaguya610, i am also from sabah, from the moment i was born until to this very hour, minute and second. sadly, i never have my chance to buy any yaoi manga, here in kota kinabalu, and even if i have, my fate will lies on my mother's hand and i'll be a dead meat! hahaha~
    i am not a native speaker, so, sorry for any flaws in my english~
    and, oh yeah~ i am happy to join this community~
  8. sakurai93
    yay! welcome.. XD
  9. Hime-sama
    Welcome guys! ^^
  10. aarinfantasy
    Welcome! Yeah a lot of ppl thought I am from USA, well my site partner is from USA though (his name is Dai-kun). But ya I am 100% Malaysian~ XD
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