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  1. aarinfantasy
    Eh?? Can someone post me the link or details about BEAST fanmeeting?~
    And can someone pls post the U-kiss fanmeeting too (pics)?? I also like a few of them only actually >.<;;; Songs are catchy enough and dance is quite nice to watch as a group... I was not planning to go for the VIP one since only 20 VIPS get to shake hands/hug and photo with them. Was planning to go for Ace seats and I know they still have seats for them 2 weeks ago, but I couldn't go this time mainly cuz of busy work and health issues.
  2. ~silvis~
    Guys do any of you know how to get tickets for MTV World Stage?! Wonder girls are going to be there! \o/

    @iruka: lmao I think I saw your LJ id xD

    @aarin: erm its under warner music? idk not a fan of theirs D:
  3. aarinfantasy
    No idea Silvis about the MTV world stage (Malaysia?? KL??)... I will try ask my bro if he knows.
  4. ~silvis~
    @aarin: its going to be on the 31st july at Sunway there haha yes its going to be in Malaysia
  5. sarahwanderlust
    Hi~ I'm from Penang, but my hometown is Sarawak~

    Currently living in Egypt for now to study, but will be back after 5 years.

    I've been keeping money to buy yaoi manga from Kino but my dad kept throwing away my shojo manga, so I figure that until I get myself a house on my own, I won't be buying any yaoi (With the fear of my dad would find it and it'll be horror if he throws it again!)

    Btw, I'm so happy that there's so many Malaysian here. Nice to meet you all~ <3
  6. TwistedPuppy
    I'm a guy my parents are chinese malay xD
    i live in Ireland!!! I'ts beside England!!!
    add me if you want!!!!! xD
  7. aarinfantasy
    Hello sarahwanderlust and TwistedPuppy!~

    sarah, sad to see your dad throws away those manga... they are so expensive now ;;;
  8. EkaMixZzZ
    Hi *waves*
    My name Ernie a.k.a EkaMixZzZ a.k.a erniey_eiki
    You can find me here in Aarinfantasy, mIRC, Livejournal, Facebook, NihonMaru and etc
    Happy to see all friend (YaoiFangirl) from Malaysia and would like to meet all you if I can

    P/S to ALL
    I have a favor I would like to buy
    - Totally Captivated v06
    - Dog Style v03
    - Crimson Spell v03
    If any of you want to sell those manga please PM me

    Yaoi Manga Licensed Collecter, EkaMixZzZ

    P/S to Sabrina
    I need list of Yaoi manga from BORDERS. Don't forget to update with me, sweety
  9. aarinfantasy
    @EkaMixZzZ: I bought Totally Captivated 06 from Akadot.com but I am missing 01 and 04, waiting to buy them when in stock. Too bad you are in KL, if not I can help you too (I am in Penang).

    Crimson Spell 03 is out in English?!

  10. EkaMixZzZ
    @aarinfantasy: I have 01 til 05 but I missing v06... Penang? No problem for me If you have a stock... I'll send the money + with the shipping cost and delivery cost... I just want to complete my collection. I have a money but I'm afraid to use credit card -_-. maybe I need to apply one or two so I can buy online. I dunno about CS v03 but that one still in my list. I really want to have VF copy from June... But my friend mention that "beautiful part got blur" -__- I'm frustrated... If BeBeau still alive I'll buy their version.

    Any new about ZE V06?? I already asked my friend which is working with BORDERS to keep one copy for myself and I remember that my friend mention about Kinokuniya bring back YAOI manga again to the store (As I know they refuse to make special order for me long time ago) due NEWS about THE LARGEST BOOKSTORE IN MALAYSIA BRING HOMOSEXUAL COMIC/MANGA. Maybe the need to review back the word of "homosexual" cause there are a lot of LOLITA with HALF NAKED & BIG BOOBIES + PARENTAL ADVISORY on the shelves. The reason those manga can bring to the store: GRAPHIC CONTENT NOT A REAL ONE. It same goes to YAOI MANGA. Why is it "their" mind too "narrow"... <- Sorry about my rambling XD
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