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  1. aarinfantasy
    I heard the song on YouTube~ It's really catchy, made me wanna dance! XD
    Can't wait to see them perform live on Music Bank.
  2. ~silvis~
    It sounded like a bollywood kind of song XD
    Yeah I can't wait for the MV and their performance.
  3. fusion
    LOL! Aarin... Damn, I remember I used to have u on my msn and was trying to get some yaoi animes off you. And that was sometime before I discovered that you created the forum... Then I lost my old msn password. GRR, those were the days!

    Anyway to everyone else, the name's fusion... but I've gone under various nicknames before... Amongst the few are Sakurayuki, Uruki, Core, Fusionkrizis and Krrizis.
    I reside in Subang Jaya though I'm studying abroad in Australia atm.

    I started yaoi mangas when I was around 13/14 years old, being brought in by someone younger than me. Partially due to that said person, I also learned the handy tricks of the net such as FTP/IRC/Torrent downloads.

    Sometime in 2003, I joined Comic Fiesta and did some random cosplays before I quit the forums. Then in my college years, that's 2005-2007, I joined Liquid Passion and used to serve as an uploader/proofreader for a bit. Was a good eye opener though and I'm grateful for being given the opportunity to work with such wonderful people like Ashcat, Rangiku, Salyu and Justsonya.

    Now, I'm basically more of an avid leecher... Mindlessly wandering online and downloading my favorite stuffs. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
  4. aarinfantasy
    I guess I won't be able to go KL see U-Kiss... mostly is because I might be busy at that time and more worrying things at home.

    Oh yes, if you guys are watching Showdown 2010 on 8TV every Wed 9:30pm, pls support my friend's husband from Famous Crew. Yeah she was the one featured in Showdown 2010 pregnant with her baby and then gave birth to a girl while her husband dances as a profession ^_^;;;
  5. Loha92
    woah ! there are so many Malaysians that Love Yaoi .....

    well ....im from land below the wind aka sabah

    i started reading yaoi 2 months before my spm ....

    its crazy .. i was so hooked up reading it and forgot all about my spm
  6. iruka92
    Sorry guys, uhh I'm hating KPop now. They're driving me away from my passion , that is manga. (you could also put your blame to fanfiction.net. I'm an insane reader everyday)

    @lovebishies - Sorry for the late reply! Lol, no I'm not smart. My friends are smarter, sigh depressing when parents expect so much more. My sister would do so much better than me. She's studying like mad though she's in F4. Never thought she'd go that far but .. yeah. Thanks for the congratulatory wishes! Anyways, not all who'd received good results get a good life. Move on and make it better ... *sings Beatles song*

    @aarinfantasy - Going to see them in 19 days. God knows, I dont even listen to their song but I only watch Pops In Seoul coz Alexander's English's giving me second hand embarrassment lol. Their songs are ok but say .. from the lot, I only like 2 or 3. I'm more of a 2PM / Super Junior / DBSK mad fangirl. Sigh. Bought the VIP tickets. I'm going to hug Eli and no security's going to stop me!! Nyahahahaha!!

    @~silvis~ - you went to SuJu concert? *facepalm, crying* Wuwu.. I'm regretting my decisions then .. I stalked them all the way to their hotel but missed by 3 minutes when I went to the loo. Sobs. I'm a Hee Chul fan. Bias to my Cinderella narcissistic milky white skin Hee Chul!! Haha. Spazz.

    SHINee FM is only a rumor since I know the admins to Malaysian SHINee forums personally.. their dance group Eplison from the Korean Wave and R16 B-boy competition will go to Korea sometime this July since they're won for 1st runner up! Lucky, aite?

    Oh a warning though, if you guys know the p0prAinBow or something organizes an event, be sure to check it through .. i think they're a bunch of swindlers .. you know they said that Beast is holding an FM here .. so fans rushed and paid a whooping sum just for it .. and suddenly the topic forum for that fanmeeting got deleted.. srs. But we don't know the truth behind that since they said that the FM has been postponed.. take caution. money is money. lols.

    (Ahh.. bonamana. My album has just arrived today. Hee Chul, ILY bb. Nyahaha)

    Ah, a few days ago I downloaded Boku no Pico. I was disturbed and haunted by nightmares. It was one of those nights where I feel ashamed to be a yaoi fangirl. Not a fan of shota so.. do tell if I should watch the latest release. I'm still contemplating.. It's itching .. the desire to watch but there's also the part where I'm scared to watch shota in action.. sigh. I'm weird.
  7. ~silvis~
    @iruka: haha omg you bought VIP?! lmao so exy though since I'm doing quite a lot of stuff that requires money this month so I'm skipping U-Kiss event for JaeChunSu in tokyo dome 8D
    Yeah suju concert made me a fan of Kyuhyun and Donghae now! D; though I'm still neutral with the group Heechul is seriously funny and sarcastic omg he's so precious <3 though I'm not that a fan of the group to buy their stuff lol I'm still a stubborn dbsk fan D:

    Oh wow lucky get to go Korea, I'm still persuading parents to go for Seoul DX
    So the Beast FM was a hoax? Lmao when my sis told me about it I'm like huh who's bringing them in cause I know the people that brought in SuJu didn't have plans for beast coming here :O

    Oh they might be bringing in FT Island, lmao this band has been here how many times already and still lousy management D: I hope redstar will do a good job bringing them in <3
  8. tsuzuki89
    Hey hey, sorry to barge in so suddenly haha

    I'm Sarawakian! But I'm in Australia now in my final year for university ^^ After this I plan to go to Japan to study some more then teach =D

    I debuted at Comic Fiesta 2009 in terms of booths thanks to a dear friend of mine offering (and insisting lol) that I sell character cookies at her booth, and I'm debuting in terms of cosplays this year (here's a WIP, no wig yet, Konoe from Lamento). I plan to make CF a regular annual event to visit, so I hope I can meet some of you there =D

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone!
  9. iruka92
    @~silvis~ Beast FM now under Universal Music Malaysia so it's confirmed.. OMG JAECHUNSU I HATE YOU. *jealous*

    @tsuzuku89 Hey !! I went to CF last year lol. Surely I'll meet you.
  10. ~silvis~
    Ah so its confirmed? Haha I don't really know anyone D:
    So JYJ concert IDK I feel hmm at some parts and \o/ at some lol
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