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  1. aarinfantasy
    First we have SuJu in March, and now I just heard that U-Kiss is coming to KL on 19th June at KLCC! Oh yes! It's fanmeeting and it's the nearest place ever from my bro's condo! This time I might have the chance to go there! XD
    Although U-Kiss isn't as popular as SuJu but the guys are really fun~ Like their recent songs a lot. I was wondering if anyone here is going?~
  2. ~silvis~
    Oh they're coming on the 19th? I don't know whether I plan to go cause I'm not a fan of theirs. I just like man man ha ni to be honest D:
    Hope you can go aarin! Heard the cheapest tickets can still shake hands with them XD
  3. Horong
    @aarin 0.o You are 30?! You look like a high school girl! Woww~~~ That is really one timeless look! Haha I'm glad I saw you here. So cute and lovely! I''ll definitely give you a white rose if I manage to see you around! (And if I can find a florist somewhere nearby, pronto!)
  4. aarinfantasy
    lol Cherant. I got mistaken for being below 25 a few times.

    silvis, I think they have some nice songs together with Man Man Ha Ni, like BangBangBang, Binguel Binguel, Dancing Floor, and others. Now the latest called Mwarago (What) is quite nice too!~ What captures me is that I like some of them because they are very outgoing and half of them can speak English, even Cantonese and Mandarin. I don't think need to buy tickets rite? Cuz it's in KLCC only... I wonder if it's the shopping mall or the actual exhibition hall. If buy tickets I don't think I will be going, cuz honestly I don't think I can even see much (I am so short). I thought just go there for the fun of it... cuz I never seen any concerts or even singers events, and some more K-pop group! So if not too expensive I will go... XD
  5. ~silvis~
    @aarin: The event is going to be in the plenary hall at KL convention centre. Here's a link.
    Seems like you need to pay for this event. And only vip seats will get their signatures.
    Others will only have printed signatures
  6. aarinfantasy
    Thanks Silvis...I just read that thread earlier today and was surprised it's RM350 for the first 20 ppl only. I mean, I am not a super huge fan and I am sure there are ppl who beat me to that even if I wanna buy it, haha... and I don't think they will be performing a lot of songs too. It will still be cool to watch them live though and see how they interact with their fans here. Thanks for the info anyway ^^ I will think about those ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seats... lol I know why they named it Vampire seats (cuz they have a show that talks about their blood types personalities with vampire theme in it)... not sure about Ace and Knight.
  7. sakurai93
    urgh.. does streamyx users have problems like me too? some time it was fine and some times, i just couldnt load anything.. streamyx is having disruptions till 2nd may..
  8. aarinfantasy
    Yes many ppl are facing unstable connections now... I heard it's till 2nd May also.
  9. sakurai93
    yay.. XD finally a picture for this group. X3
  10. ~silvis~
    Nothing much happened lately except for my finals coming nearer and I donated blood today

    wasn't sure whether I could double post but 8D
    Super Junior's new song is released today

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