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  1. ~silvis~
    @sakurai so which group has the least mistakes D:
    lmao I'm so late but I just found out about it xD
  2. sakurai93
    @silvis i think yuuri-san subs.. coz CR is just.. well, it's really famous for having bad translation.. and CR doesnt sub the karaoke.. >.<"
  3. Horong
    Hmm I wonder how aarin looks like. Did she ever post pics openly of herself for us to see? And I wonder how ~silvis~ and sakurai93 look like as well! Haha!
  4. sakurai93
    lol.. i'm a cute girl.. pfft.. so perasan... XP but i do get people saying me that and guys tend to bother me when i'm going out.. ^^ it's sad that i'm short though..
  5. Horong
    Haha I bet I'm shorter than you! Ever posted your real pic here? There's a section for that. Haha. I bet you really are cute!
  6. sakurai93
    nah.. i'm short around 154cm.. >.<" haha, let's just leave that as a secret.. ^^"
  7. Horong
    I think I'm around that too. And I won't grow any more. So when I get the money I'll cut my legs off and let it grow back so I get taller ;P
  8. aarinfantasy
    @cherant: I did post my pics up in this forum in the member's photo some time ago XD It should be around. But I forgot post # what already. Will post here if I can find those I posted before. Or maybe I will post a newer pic of me soon =x

    Ah yes I am short too... I think around 155cm? Definitely below 158cm.

    Here's the 4 latest post of my pics... (not very new though)
    Check the post dates or photo dates for that pic's actual date.
    I am gonna be 30 this year, but some ppl in this forum don't believe it XD (I will take that as a compliment! hehe)





  9. ~silvis~
    @sakurai: I watched CR subs since I couldn't really spot a mistake or maybe I was just busy spazzing xD

    @Cherant: LOL we're all short xD mm yeah around 155cm? I look normal? Although delques said I looked like a nerd when he saw my facebook .___.

    @Aarin: I think its the chinese genes that makes most girls look young xD
  10. sakurai93
    @yep i watched too.. i was too amazed with the anime that i didnt find any mistakes so yay! XD lol

    whoa.. i never thought you all near my heights too.. XP

    @aarin you look nice.. i never will thought you 30 if you havent mentioned it.. XD
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