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  1. aarinfantasy
    Happy CNY all~ Sorry I seldom come here now... but will try to.

    @Silvis, you got my PM on the bank issue?

    @Val, yeah I swept some of yaoi titles at Penang Borders hehe~ But some of them are left hanging like got Vol #2 instead of Vol #1, so I can't start reading Vol #2 ~_~;;; So far it's been stocking up more and more yaoi~ I visit Borders every Thursday now since I have a hair appointment there (I suffered from hair loss, and I need to go to one of the shops there to treat, but it's all good now with 40% of the sessions left to complete).

    About Hangeng, I don't know what but I am sure he wont appear in KL this March with the group... SM Entertainment really have so much bad rep about keeping their artiste happy eventhough they produce one of the best artistes/groups in Korea entertainment. Wish they can give and take more >.<;;
  2. ~silvis~
    @Aarin: Yep I did DX ah well will try not to spend my points since I don't really upload stuff DX

    SME is practically like among the good place in Korea to produce stuff that's why I guess the trainee doesn't really mind the unfair contract or something? IDK I doubt I want to sign a contract under those terms .__.
  3. sef
    Sending in my belated V-day and CNY wishes. Hope you all had fun.
  4. valkyriensz
    It was quite sometime I had been here >__< Where are you guys?? Still breathing and steady?? XD

    @Aarin: Which saloon you made your hair appointment there?? Was it Yun Nam?? I also suffer from hair loss and my mother keeps nagging about it till it's a taboo for me whenever she tells me she could see my scalp clearly but actually my hair is getting longer and it's straightening downwards so my scalp is quite exposed =__=' I think I'll shave my head sampai licin and being a baldy if she ever complains me being 'botak' again U__U grrr~ or maybe just have a professional hairstylist and do my hair into a Jrock style, with mix of spikiness so it can cover my scalp XP

    Owh, poor Hangen...with that of contract of SME maybe that's why SuJu members are quite in messy ever since Kangin's unfortunate incidents eh? O__o'
  5. hiroshichansama
    Selangor hermit, here. Lives in Kajang Utama, near to Bangi.. someone please come to my school and be friends with me ;_; (cehhhh no laaahhhhh ahahaha.)

    though i am interested if there are any girls from kajang convent school / jasmin school who likes yaoi..
  6. iruka92
    Hey guys, I died and lived again and I'M GOING TO THE U-KISS FANMEETING!!! *is going to be on an email war at 10 a.m. today for top 20 early bird VIP tickets coz I can take picture with the boys* I didn't go to SuJu and I don't wanna cry buckets for not going again. Sobs.

    BTW, I've got 7As (A+ for BI, Accounts, A for for BM and History, A- for Maths, Agama and EST) and 3Cs (where 2C+ for AddMaths and Physics, C for Chemistry) for SPM! Haha. Sorry. Couldn't update you guys as I was going through some Korean boyband wave.
  7. lovebishies
    iruka92: damn you are SMART LOL congratulations!

    I only got 2As, for BI and Math, B+ for Agama, B for Sejarah, Cs for Phy and Bio and C+s for Chemis, Add Maths and BM.
  8. aarinfantasy
    @val: I went to 101 Hair Care center for the treatment. It is not cheap though but cheaper than Swenson and Yun Nam. You might wanna go to 101 for free hair consultation though.

    @iruka: U-Kiss Fanmeeting?! Wow did you get to see them?? And grats for your results! at least way better than mine haha. I am also going through some Korean boyband wave =x
  9. ~silvis~
    @iruka: woah you're going for the fanmeet? I'm still contemplating since I'm not really a fan of theirs

    @Aarin: Their fanmeet is going to be in June. Heard Shinee is coming as well but that fanmeet is going to be in Johor? xD

    Super Junior concert was awesome by the way
  10. sakurai93
    sorry.. just had to rant here after long time not here.. ^^

    i love Uraboku!! XD the op is so hot with luka dominating the whole time lol..

    though i'm sad that AF wont sub it coz CR subs is just plain horrible and yuuri-san subs is.. *sigh* i can find mistakes in both of the translations.. >.<"

    anyways,at least aarin and the others wont be too busy.. *waiting for togainu no chi* XD
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