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  1. aarinfantasy
    wahhh I wanna go too but for now, there's no plans yet >.< since I am gonna be busy with work and also the forum. But I wanna take 2 days off to go there since I never been to any concerts my entire life! =x I wanna experience it just for once. I think Hankyung may be going since he's an important person to communicate with us... and besides it maybe something like DBSK too with Junsu, Micky and Jaejoong joining Yunho and Changmin to tour in Japan despite their problems in SM also. And I believe Hankyung's case isn't as serious as DBSK's? Wanna see all of them together! >.<;;

    Wish to see Big Bang, DBSK, 2pm and nowadays I am checking out U-Kiss as well

  2. ~silvis~
    Well you better make plans fast cause the 138 and 258 are almost sold out already xD
    Nah I don't think he will come cause the previous concerts also Hangeng wasn't there ;(
    Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun filed the lawsuit after the Japan's tour so I don't see the connection. However they were there with Yunho and Changmin for the leftover performances for Christmas and whatnot.

    Hangeng's case is worse than theirs actually since he filed a termination to his contract.
    Doubt we'll be able to see all of them together cause Kangin and Kibum has been MIA for quite a while already D:
  3. valkyriensz
    Woaa...never knew u guys are K-Pop guys' fan >__< oh there are cheaper tickets eh? I thought they sell for rm438 per head only?? One of my friends had spent rm900 for 2 tickets cuz she tags her sister along O__O' *sweats*

    Anyone here knows any good place to get yaoi resources in Perak, particularly around Ipoh?? I'm living and teaching at Perak now in an SK school located in a deserted town called Malim Nawar TT___TT My life is getting dull lately without getting any new yaoi titles in my hand *cries*
  4. aarinfantasy
    Oh dear... and one of my fav SuJu is Hangeng >.<'''
    Well, I can't plan out much for now because of work and all that... so I guess I can only go IF my bro's gf can get maybe some free tickets for it (apparently she got some for Neyo's concert not too long ago, some connection with concert organizers). It's not to say I dont wanna fork out RM138 or RM438 (which I am fine with still) but I scared to waste it if suddenly cannot go... >.<;;;

    @val, unless there's Borders at Perak... if not I really duno where. Penang only got Borders for English yaoi ones while some random manga comic bookstore here might carry Chinese yaoi manga. I can't read chinese sadly.
  5. valkyriensz
    @Aarin: *sobs* thanks ^^ I'll just shoot off to Penang on any of my relaxing weekends to grab some...Dunno whether my personal opinion is reliable or not but I think Penang Borders is the best Borders branch I went so far for yaois (last year) >u< ne? ne??

    What happened to Hangen actually? Is he quit from SuJu?? I only knew some nasty news about Kangin (my fave baby-faced but devilish SuJu member) T.T'

    To all Chinese friends, Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger!! Gong Xi Fa Chai~!! (>_<)/
  6. ~silvis~
    Oh hey guys wishing you all Valentine's day and Happy Chinese New Year!

    @Val: He wants to quit his contract with the company cause apparently he's been overworked like mad according to him D;
  7. valkyriensz
    @Silvis: aaaaw..poor him TAT Is he seriously wanna retire from singing then??

    Any good advice on how to relief my purging due to eating lokam too much?? >_< It can't be help that every Chinese New Year I cannot miss eat that..My fave lor!! XD XDD
  8. ~silvis~
    @val: haha I don't think he wants to retire form singing? Just quit the company?

    haha I don't know since I just take a few kam only lol lokam is the mandarin oranges right? xD
  9. valkyriensz
    @Silvis: I see..My cousin also likes him very much..she's pretty down ever since Hangen no longer performing with SuJu

    Oh yes, mandarin oranges especially the very sweet seedless ones...Yummy!! xD now padan muka myself because upset my stomach stuffing so many oranges inside! >o<'
  10. ~silvis~
    @aarin: I really really need a tiny favour? D: I kinda took out all my points from the bank and I didn't know 1 mil was the max to put in back to the bank!
    Is it possible to put majority of my points to the bank? ;________;

    @val: haha have fun eating 8D
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