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  1. evangeline90
    I don't know about Borders, it's sorta a US store so I wonder if they'll even care... Hehe... One of the good things about open mindedness ne... But if the gov't presses the issue, they might, never know.

    I get some of my manga from justmanga.com

    They have a lot of selections and the price is ok. They also have a discount club thingy which saves a lot. Buy $40 and it ships free to most places in the US. Charges by book for intl shipping tho.

    If you guys wanna buy stuff there, I could help ship them back, it's cheaper that way, and since I'm already doing it for my other friends it won't be a hassle. Spreading the yaoi love no? ^.~

    But I can't believe they're banning figurines too! What has the world come to!? Back in M'sia I used to get my manga anime stash from TeenCom, the subs are pretty decent and as far as I know the price is way cheaper than Animetech.
  2. kavz30
    hello all,

    i don't get it - how come we got idiots telling us what we can or cannot do when they can't even rule the administration properly! talk about double standards, man ... gomen, talking about M'sian politics *sigh*

    anyway, minna-san, found out that akadot retail is having a sale on all its DMP books (http://www.akadotretail.com/categories.php?cPath=184). They will ship to M'sia - i received an email from them saying they would, but declined to tell me how much the shipping cost would be
  3. dohkajou
    it's all because of the tabloid newspaper making the issue worst.if they just quiet,the government would never knew about the existence of all these.heck,even if they knew,they won't bother to take any action to ban it.
  4. kavz30
    the saddest part is that we have no way and no one to complain to! no one who could help us! *sigh* dammit! it's just BOOKS and the yaoi that Kino brings in is tasteful! i hope that tabloid reporter gets his just punishment for the misery he's caused!

    my friend told Borders is still selling yaoi ... shall we all meet up and buy the titles we want before Borders also kena banned too? *grins*

    a question: would you actually loan your yaoi manga to a friend or tell the friend if he/she badly wants to read it, that person reads in your home? i've been thinking about it *chuckles* my yaois are precious to me, and if that person is that curious to read it, i'd rather if that person reads it in my home .... my yaoi doesn't leave my house! what about the rest of you?
  5. sef
    hi there, everyone ....my parcel from Amazon has finally arrive today, sound & safe!! 3 weeks earlier the expected time........but I've purchase another title today, so *finger crossed and praying for the best*
    @kavz30: I'm thinking the same, if frenz wanted to read, I will bring over to their house and wait for them to finish up. I wouldn't let them stay in my house, cuz ...*to keep their eye from prying my manga*
  6. sef
    @kavz30: I've tried www.acmamall.com ealier, and purchase two title from them, but it was barred at the point of "kastam" and confiscated by the home ministry. ...luckily they compensate my loss...if not I'll be .........
  7. valkyriensz
    guys, very much thanks 4 d info! *crying in gratefulness+giving hugs to all* i couldn't have been happier without knowing these relieving news from u *jumping & dancing* regarding the loaning, it's better to ask ur friend to read at ur home only (whichever convenience to u as long as u can keep ur eyes on ur manga)...i've experienced loaning my kizuna & passion mangas to a friend who is still a fresh green about yaoi...the mangas had been kept by her about a month O___o''' n surprisingly she let her other friends (outsiders who are unknown to me) to read them TT____TT i felt like being betrayed...n when she returned the mangas, i noticed there's some unknown spots in some pages =___=''' since then i swore i would never let my mangas out from my house again n of coz i've hid well my precious+delicious mangas safe from any other eyes than mine *evil laughs* XD XD XD
  8. kavz30
    @sef - goody! Ok, now we know amazon is a safe bet. Sef, if you don't mind telling us how much that retailer charged you for shipping? *looks through bank account and checking RM-USD conversion rate* and acamall is out. bloody kastams...

    ok, this is the instruction from akadot retail, if you're interested in byuing from them - they have a DMP book sale now:
    Thank you for your inquiry! (^_^)

    We can ship to anywhere via US Postal Service.

    - Express Mail International (EMS) / Priority Mail International / (some may vary)

    ***all Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Malaysia, Portugal, Hungary, Singapore, Russia shipment has to be sent by EMS. No exceptions.

    You can pay by "International Money Order" or "Paypal".

    Payment method:
    * check out as "Money Order", and pay by Paypal.
    * check out as "Money Order", and send an international money order to us.

    Please specify your order number when you make payment.

    Here is step by step information of how to process your order.
    1. You can go ahead and put in your order, click on check out and go to check out page. Please fill out your information.

    2. Select the country nearest to your location (country).

    Choose USPS (United States Postal Service) for your shipping choice.
    *** Please DO NOT CHOOSE STORE PICK UP, FEDEX OR UPS for your shipping method. USPS is the only choice for international customers.

    3. Please choose “Money Order” for "Payment method". *** Please DO NOT PAY by credit card!

    Please put your correct shipping address in the "Notes" section and indicate if you would prefer to pay by paypal.

    *** You must enter your correct shipping (address) information in the "NOTE". If you do not do this process, our shipping department will ship your package to wrong address.

    4. Once you make an order, please let us know the order number, so we will contact you with the correct total and shipping fee.

    Please wait until you receive our e-mail.

    5. As soon as we receive the payment, we will fix the order and ship it.

    If you have any questions, please let us know!

    Thank you very much! (^_^)

    @valkyriensz, wow, that friend of yours is ... should have at least asked your permission first before loaning it to strangers! yeah, i'd rather have ppl at my home, reading my yaoi than giving it out ... i am actually ok about lending books to my friends but i'm super careful where my yaoi is concerned! *LOL*
  9. evangeline90
    OMG I just spent $100 on the akadot DMP sales.......

    By the time I clicked on the pay button... There was nothing I could do to stop myself...

    But the good news is I got 18 manga from it. And if I don't like em, I'll just resell em. God, I can't wait for the fall sem to start so I can get back to my school desk job... I remain unpaid throughout sem breaks and everytime i check my balance book it shrinks. Seems I splurge too much.

    For my yaoi manga, I don't have a whole lot of it back in M'sia. It was too expensive to buy and I was too far away from any place that would sell it to me. But for my normal stuff, I usually don't mind lending it out. Because my best friends who borrow from me usually can finish it in an hour, though it means they ignore me through "rehat" (recess), haha... They compensate by "belanja makan" (paying the bill) tho.
  10. kavz30
    *LOL* i'm planning to splurge on DMP book sale once i get my pay, which is like end of this month hopefully there's something there for me to buy! i envy you - 18 mangas ... wow!

    which were the titles you bought, if you don't mind me asking?

    kino bookweb here still selling yaoi - received an email from them to get all three AnK novels i had ordered via online. gonna send them to a friend in SG who's been wondering why am i raving so much about this title!
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