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  1. Aamyra
    Belated Happy Christmas everyone! And Happy New Year in advanced! xx
  2. Agate13
    Sorry for lateness, but Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! And Happy New Year! XD
  3. cheezy
    XD Happy belated New Year!!
  4. valkyriensz
    Happy 1 week belated new year!!! Xd
  5. ~silvis~
    Guys which of you are going for Super Juniors concert in KL? xD
  6. aarinfantasy
    OMG! When are they going??? Any details???
    But Kangin got into trouble and kinda got banned from any SuJu performances lately, all will be going or Suju-M only??
  7. ~silvis~
    Haha Aarin's interested? Yeah they're coming on the 20th March, venue is at Bukit Jalil Stadium KL, I think tickets are selling at axcess at RM138,238 and 438
    I think majority will be there not sure about Kangin, Hankyung (he filed a lawsuit) and Kibum
  8. suicidal_yaoilove
    Super Junior is coming, its in the star newspaper today!!! Hmm.. should i buy the ticket?? *thunks thinks*
  9. aarinfantasy
    Ooh ok thanks for the details! I don't think Kibum will ever go since he's not included in the latest performances anyway... and Kangin because of the lawsuit. However, I did not know about Hankyung, what happened with him? I thought he's quite important to have for any Asian tour since Mandarin is used to communicate with ppl in places like China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Sadly, I dont really understand a lot of Mandarin >.< I speak cantonese and English mostly =x

  10. ~silvis~
    Yeah I don't understand mandarin as well ;( banana here though I know some cantonese ;D
    It seems that he wants to terminate his contract with SME cause he's been overworked till his internal organs are suffering as well, SME hasn't clarify whether this is true but the ones representing Hankyung's case say it is.

    I'm going to go for the numbered seatings one after I manage to convince dad to let me go
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