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Malaysian Fans!

  1. Saikyou

    hfytdrifufty, I'll definitely go even if it means I have to jalan kaki! ^o^
    I've only been to an anime convo once. I wanna go to this one! Thanks for sharing the link, I enjoyed the video~

    And see you there! XDD
  2. Agate13
    @Saikyou - AHhh! I forgot to ask! How will I know it's you?
  3. Saikyou

    Hmm... Hard to say.... I'll text message you. ^^
    Give me your HP number through PM, ay? XDD
  4. Agate13
    Gyaaaa~~~~ I'm sorry Saikyou! I didn't see (or recognize) you at the CON TT^TT
  5. ~silvis~
    Who's going for the Comic Fiesta? Myra's kinda convinced me to go since they sell doujin :O
    but its at sunway! ;___;
  6. Agate13
    Comic Fiesta...it's...so far away....TT^TT
  7. cheezy
    D: I'm too far away to go Comic Fiesta this year T__T
  8. valkyriensz
    O__O areee~ I was hoping to meet you guys tomorrow...I'll be attending tomorrow's CF only (coz so eager wanna taste Hetalia cookies made by the local doujinkas there) >.<
  9. Aamyra
    I'm going soon!
  10. sef
    To those who celebrate christmas, Merry Christmas
    to the rest, Happy holidays
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