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  1. Saikyou
    You mean all this time Malaysia allowed the selling of yaoi manga??
    I thought it was...'haram' (illegal/forbidden,whatever you call it). ^^

    If so...THAT'S IT!! I'm packing and moving to Penang now!
    There's not a single shred of yaoi mangas here in Sabah. So sad....
  2. Horong
    Hey guys. I am currently staying in KL. Nothing much to say, just that I look very female and although I dress male I still have 99% people calling me female. It's very veeery common for me but I still get pissed off. Today I had a young guy outside Mid Valley mall (Malaysian Arts thinggie or something. Are they real?! They are charging so damn expensive on one item!!) pinching my face telling me I was cute and called me a "pretty girl". He actually was trying to have a date with me before I told him. Just so stressed out now. Yet again, it's very very common for me but I still get pissed off. I get wierd glances just for buying guy clothes and shoes. Ahhhhh pissed. Anyway don't bother with this message, it's just a rant. Sometimes I just have to tell it before I can't take it, right?
  3. sakurai93

    cheer up.. XD just ignore them.. even if you looked a lot like a female, there's still some advantages you know.. XD maybe you even looked like a bishounen.. kya.. XD lol.. sorry for the stupid fangirling.. i was being over-fujoshi ish today..
  4. ~silvis~
    Woah not much update here but I hope you guys are all right!
    Its been raining cats and dogs in KL here lately xD

    @Cherant: Yay another one in KL. Haha go ahead and rant <3
  5. moodyzoe
    I'm born and bred in KL. Have been living here all my life...
    Is it just me (and my mom~) or that nowadays BL-manga/novels are harder to get, even in KL??
  6. sakurai93
    huhu.. yeah.. it's harder.. >.<" btw, anyone wants to buy only the ring finger knows vol 3, there are 3 copy of them in borders, time square.. i would've bought it if i have more money..
  7. moodyzoe
    So it isn't just me? Already have the third book !~ But thx for the info~
  8. sakurai93
    yeah.. but they say, BL manga are easy to find in penang though.. try going there! XD
  9. nunuti
    you all so lucky to have BL manga there *sobs*
  10. valkyriensz
    uwaaa...I already left Penang and back to KL after finished my course...sakurai93 is right...Borders @ Queensbay Mall Penang is the yaoi heaven now...*sobs*...gonna miss my regular hangout there so much!! >.< and the last/recent manga I bought there was Cigarette Kisses by Yamato Nase~
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