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  1. valkyriensz
    Yeah, Borders Penang is selling yaoi mangas openly >__< I saw Junjou mangas that u mentioned too, they are stuffed in one full row of the "J" manga section without missing a volume *drools* darn I really wanna buy them straight away but sadly my wallet is full of 'habuk' only...ayoyo...anyway I noticed BLU published yaoi mangas are rarely seen compared with June mangas ' why eh? <<< been waiting for Sex Pistols manga & hoping the bookstore could stock up some Love Mode mangas...I was 2 volumes away to complete my Love Mode collections when that penyibuk Kosmo news tabloid spread news about "bahan lucah?" or something referring to the yaoi mangas *sigh*

    Second the gathering but where in KL n when? I only available after 5th Dec coz that time I have finished my cramp course & interview in Penang b4 returned KL permanently
  2. aarinfantasy
    Yeah I noticed the June mangas arent a lot >.<
    Is there any recommendation u can tell me from BORDERS QueensBay Mall?? I hardly can find what I want there. lol
  3. valkyriensz
    I'll let u know when I've "scanned" the latest manga update there ;D the last I saw was Tea For Two vol.2 by Sakuragi Yaya (sadly the vol.1 was sold out); the only BLU published manga I found there if I'm not mistaken...I read the manga's synopsis n it has such sweet story >_<
  4. nunuti
    geez...it's been a while i've joined aarin but just joined this club today
    em, i'm from Sabah actually.
  5. valkyriensz
    just feel wanna share these to all especially the AnK 2009 second preview >__< *nose-bleed*

    YouTube - BL- ai no kusabi- PV (AnK 2009)

    YouTube - Kuroshitsuji OVA *Spoiler* (Kuroshitsuji OVA spoiler...I never knew it has an OVA!!)
  6. Agate13
    hi everyone! 1st thing 1st, Happy Halloween to you all! Here's a gift from us (both my friend and I)

    I hope you guys will like it. xP

    And...umm..Aarin, is it okay for me to open new thread in the group? I saw new threads there. Hope it's fine with you *sweat*
  7. valkyriensz

    Hi~ Anyone here recognize this anime?? I'm not familiar with it but there's a kissing scene so is it a BL anime or not??

  8. sakurai93
    i'm selling some of anime/manga stuff including two yaoi manga at a low price.. please check it here!! azu-chan - selling anime/manga stuff ,.. thanks! XD
  9. Agate13
    @valkyriensz - i don't really think it came from a BL anime. it came from a genshiken 2 (i think, not sure from what season though) & the scene u saw in the video is actually one of the character (who is a girl & a fujoshi) who imagined those two guys in the vid having boyxboy relationship.

    hope this answer the question. *sweat*
  10. valkyriensz
    @Agate: owh!? Very much thanks for the info!! >w< Is that anime good??

    @Aarin: ARIGATOU for the remedial - release of Maiden Rose OVA2!!! I've needed a BL anime for my exam-stress medication >w< too bad AnK remake & Sex Pistols OVA will be released in 2010 >.<
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