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  1. sef
    agate13 welcome, never mind the SB people. They practically mean no harm. Drop by the contest and trivia thread more often or even visit the World of Yaoicraft.

    I would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya and happy holiday.
    For people who are getting ready for exams, please do your best
  2. erilly
    Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!!!
  3. suicidal_yaoilove
    Happy Raya everyone!!!
  4. Agate13
    -*;;*-Selamat Hari Raya! -*;;*- \(^w^)/

    c-contest? im interested...do they hv art contest here? c-can anyone show me a few ones that i can j-join?

    ah~ another week b4 holiday is finally over -sob- i'm going to miss the sound of mercun and meriam buluh (it's like a war between the village boys here at my hometown xDDD)

    and exams....oh...the dreadful exams *insert 70's horror face here*
  5. valkyriensz
    hello minna!! *waves*

    gosh...it's been soooo LOOOOONG i haven't been here...just dropped by wanna wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA & HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone...for those who are still remembering me, I miss u guys A LOT!! n I still use the same phone no. lemme know if u have changed ur contact no. & keep in touch ne? gotta leave a short message here coz i'm borrowing my cousin's internet @ Perak now =___=' i'll be back to KL tomorrow n perhaps will be on9 again till end of my holidays this Sunday b4 head back to Penang for the rest 3 months of my KPLI cramp course...see ya n take care~
  6. ~silvis~
    guys its been a long long time since I've last been here!
    Late but selamat hari raya!
    @aarin: yay another dbsk fan!
  7. Saikyou
    OMG I never realized Aarin is M'sian!!
    Really proud of it! *High five!*

    I'm from Sabah. Actually born in Sarawak but moved a few times due to my dad's job.
    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

    Oh btw Aarin, you're wonderful! Thanks so much for all your hard work on all the wonderful yaoi shows.

    Unfortunately I can't watch or download any of it since it'll get stuck halfway in the process of downloading. The ONLY yaoi show I've ever watched is Haru wo Daite Ita and Papa to Kiss In The Dark. And that's only before some people flagged it on YouTube... Sad nee?

    Anyways, apa khabar Malaysia!! xD
  8. aarinfantasy
    Thanks~ EmoLite91... you can try our Video Streaming from the forum banner below.

    Hey guys, guess what? I just saw Junjou Romantica manga selling all back to latest again. Which means no more ban on yaoi manga?? Borders in Penang is selling a lot of it... and I just knew about it today after so long didnt check XD

  9. Adrian76
    YEAH YEAH!! Borders are selling them!! I bought one Junjou Romantica I think Vol 5 from Borders in MidValley!! Dunno about Kinokuniya, cos I haven't try getting from there. Can we all have a gathering? Let us all meet up in KL!!! I wanna meet everyone....guys or girls also! Contact me if you want!
  10. Hime-sama
    No more ban? Maybe after a while the authorities don't bother to monitor anymore ^^

    This is good news for us yaoi fans in Malaysia. I bought The tales of the waning moon Vol 1 and Bran Doll from Kinokuniya KLCC last month so I guess you're right that the yaoi ban has been lifted.

    Say Adrian76...why not make another thread for meet up or gathering plans because that way would be easier for people to refer to ^^
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