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  1. ~silvis~
    lol where and when is it again?
  2. aarinfantasy
    Hi hi all~ Sorry really too much personal problem at home until I forgot to visit here.
    Even forum I visit whenever I can only and not like everyday.

    So how's everyone?
    Nowadays I crazy Korean group like DBSK and Super Junior lol
    If anyone at all know of them coming to Malaysia pls let me know~ PM or anything ya!

    Oh and feel free to create new threads under this Malaysian Fans ok... so there will be more easily seen topics and such~

    See ya~
  3. lovebishies
    Hey Aarin! I'm a fan of DBSK too ^^

    Have you watch their dramas? If not then you should! They were really funny XD
  4. sef
    Yes! Merdeka tomorrow. Holiday.
  5. iruka92
    GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I've been neglecting you guys for so long!!! *sobs* Sorry. SPM IS CRAZY I TELL YA'. I don't even have time to update my own blog.. Mostly I just leech on things.. Tee hee ~ ~ Can't believe I've missed a lot of things!

    Happy merdeka M'sia!!! Woo hoo!! 1 Malaysia!
  6. Chikaru
    It's the end of 31 AUG but I still wanna say, "Happy Birthday, Malaysia!" even though technically, S'bah and S'rwk officially merdeka on 16 Sept. ^^

    Anyway, can someone help me with this? If a tourist ask to spend about 6 hours [I know it's quite short] in KL and do things that worth doing in M'sia [KL representing M'sia], where would be a good suggestion of place and what to do? I don't really know much about KL so please help me...
  7. cheezy
    Geh, it's been a long time since I came here. >_< How's everybody?

    6 hours in KL? Only thing I can think of is to eat food here D8 Best experience you can have of KL other than shopping
  8. kavz30
    Hi Chikaru,

    I gotta agree with cheezy. Food would be the best. Recommend going to Petaling Street and walking around the area - there's enough to satisfy the shopping and eating hunger! *grins*
  9. sef
    Chikaru, opsie. super late reply.
    Actually 6 hrs in KL in not much. 1st you hafta bring them to experience the bus and the trains. Of course, you can always choose to use lrt and bring them to KLCC, our 1st beautiful landmark of KL. Save the shopping part and bring them to the park, they can take lots of snap shot.
    After about an hour, go to KLCC main entrance and get them to go on the "hop on" bus, it's a great thing to visit the whole KL. They can kill another hour.
    Then, you can suggest them to Taman Tasik Perdana~ there are 3 attractions namely Taman Orkid, Taman Bunga Raya and Butterfly farm. I'm sure they love the nature. (These whole event can spend up to 2 hrs)
    Lastly, another 2 hrs~ they can kill time along petaling street and central market.
    Petaling street they have kuil and chinese temple, another attraction from them, besides the souvenir shopping and food paradise.
  10. Agate13
    *loud thump* finally! i managed to find my way here!!!

    Hello all! nice to meet u! i felt so out of place...evn after a year joining this forum i barely post anything! *horrors* please excuse my bad english (& shortforms txt/punctuation/grammar/slang/etcetera...) i will try my best to correct this bad habit of mine i got from gaming

    so...how to say this...-ahem- my name is agate. i'm from sabah (bagus bah! kita aramatii kio!!) <--which explain a bit why my english is weird. got many slangs here.

    it's been a great experience for me to come to this forum.

    um...i might not be around to post anything but i will come by to this thread again! i usually hangs out in the SB but since ppl tends to dislike me there i guess it can't b helped -sigh-

    u-um..what else to say -fidgets- oh, selamat hari raya to all (school holidays is good isn't it?) that's all i got to say. sorry if this intro is kinda...awkward *bows*
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