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Malaysian Fans!

  1. ~silvis~
    Wow everyone's crazy over BOF/BBF

    Hey guys who here is a fan of DBSK? Cause I'm doing a little look out to see who will come for their concert if they come here. Please PM or just reply here.
  2. Seraph
    Hi guy and gals. It's been a long time since i last came here and i guess barely anyone of you guys or gals still remember me...

    Well, I'm in Japan now, studying and I'm using my school's internet connection and the connection is infinity times better than the connection in malaysia... Feel bad for those who still suffering Malaysia's connection... the slowest download speed i ever encounter in Japan is 150kb/s and when i say it's fast all of my friend say it is slow. I finally found out why they say it is slow two days later when i saw 4mb/s.

    I heard someone is going to learn Japanese over here, huh? IBT is a great one. I graduated from there last year. And my Japanese, able to pass JLPT level 1 in a year lesson. And i know the timetable is packed...

    So long for now!
  3. cutieH
    @Seraph Hope you'll do well in your studies.

    @~silvis~ Are you an event organizer Are DBSK planning to come here
    I'm just a casual fan but I'll go to a DBSK concert if they come here.But the only problem is that I'm staying in Sabah >_< But I'll definitely go to a Super Junior concert,even if I have to swim to the Peninsular ELF HWAITING!

    Everyone is crazy about BOF huh.But just to let everyone know,a So Yijeong belongs to me >_<
  4. suicidal_yaoilove
    actually What is BBF mainly about??
  5. cutieH
    @suicidal_yaoilove BBF is well,do you remember meteor garden?BBF is essentially meteor garden,only in korean.If you haven't seen meteor garden,BBF is basically about how a normal girl interacting with F4,some of the richest(and hottest) guys in town.And two of the F4 boys fall in love with her.The plot is kinda but I watch it for F4
  6. sakurai93
    hi.. anyways, minori chihara( the seiyuu for nagato yuki in suzumiya haruhi) is coming to KL for dai-con.. anyone who will go there, please tell me about it,.,. XD
  7. collette
    I'm a pure Ipoh moi(girl)! Been living here all my life, but I have visited other states before. I only buy chinese mangas which are much much cheaper than those english ones in KL(cut throat prices!)
    I was quite surprised when I found out that aarinfantasy is a malaysian. Hebat!(great)
  8. Aamyra
    I hope this place isn't dead yet! Hahaha. I totally forgot I joined this at the first place, have been busy with part time job and stuffs.

    Collette - Yeah, I know right. You're lucky. It sucks that I can't read Chinese (or Japanese, for that matter). If I could, I'd be saving lots of money. Yet I still spend.. crazy amount of cash on translated mangas. Hahaha.
  9. ~silvis~
    omfg Myra! 8D
    OTRFK vol 4 is released in USA! aldfnapdfkfa's
  10. sakurai93
    btw, just wanted to tell here, someone who wants to go to chihara minori concert in KL for free, please tell me.. i've got a way to go there free..
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