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  1. kavz30
    Thanks, ~silvis~!

    Welcome, BLeeding99! Nice to meet you too, yuyue!

    OK, those who've been having problems with their internet connction/firefox browser, hands up! My PC crashed several times the past few day, i nearly wanted to throw ALOT of stuff around my place! *growls* OK, gotta go before my beloved compy tunes out on me again!
  2. ~silvis~
    Oh yeah I had Firefox crashing on me so many times!! So pissed at it.
    Haha glad the forum's back!
  3. yaoiprincess90
    Hi,I'm yaoiprincess90 and I'm originally born in Kedah but currently live in Selayang Baru..
    And I'm still studying in Shah Alam,Selangor..Thank you for creating this association,aarinfantasy-san..
    ..Wait,did you say you're from Penang?I used to live there when I was 6!!
    I still miss that place so much~
  4. sef
    Hmm, haven't been active around lately in this group.
    Hi there, all new members! *kiss*

    @darkmotives : *raise hand* ME! You are from PJ too ....

    @Aarin: I bought my volume 8 from Borders weeks ago. The problem with Borders nowadays is that they will only bring in a limited quantity of books for each outlet. Thus, either you have to grab it fast or else you have to pay RM5.00 extra including the original price for Borders special order. That's what i did for my TC vol.4.
    btw, regarding about the Boys Over Flower, my friend didn't provide any further.Thus, I can't upload for this site. I watched the rest on KBS as well. As soon as I managed to buy the disc, I will start uploading again.

    @kav: Congrats. Then, we must work hard together- gether *hehe*

    @cheezy: Hey, I remembered you telling us about the Japanese class in Taman Desa. I am interested. Can I possibly have the number? I can't fit my timetable for IBT.
  5. cheezy
    Hm, I'll pm you the number sef 8D. Internet's really slow today >_< Holiday... it's a love hate relationship *sighs*
  6. sef
    @cheezy: thanks
  7. iruka92
    @minna - Sorry for the super SUPER long hiatus from me. Lol. School sucks, homework, tuitions (everyday), blah blah. What's the latest uploads?

    @aarin - Did you sub Antique Bakery? I've watched some of the parts in mysoju but I couldn't stand the constant buffering. ;| Since I've remembered you planning to sub it or something last year. Hehe.

    Ooohh. Anyone here watches BBF??! I've d/l everything already. Now watching it again and again.. Haha.. *Ji hoo... my Ji Hoo...*
  8. sef
    @iruka: BBF? or it's BOF? oh, then...I'm in Ji Hoo is mine too^^
  9. iruka92
    @sef - Korean's version is called "Boys Before Flowers" . BOF is the Japanese's name. Same goes like how the Taiwan's version became "Meteor Garden"
  10. sef
    @iruka: Really? I never know
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