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  1. valkyriensz
    can someone here teach me how to reset/change IP address? if i'm not mistaken some of u already knew how to do it...izzit possible to do this eventho i'm using streamyx? onegai shimasu~ *bows humbly*

    # ah! i've posted reply in 100th page!! yeay! *throws confetti*
  2. darkmotives
    Wow. Never thought there are so many Malaysians in this forum. Naughty us.

    Used to love Kino but sadly they no longer sell yaoi. Now can only depend on Borders and they don't sell everything.

    Oh, from PJ over here. Anyone else from there too??
  3. iruka92
    @val - It is possible by using hotspot shield. Browse it up.

    Sorry for being away from the forum for so long... SCHOOL SUCKS big time. SPM . . . *_*
  4. sakurai93
    @valkyriensz.. sorry. i dont know how.. i dont really understands how hotspot shiled works too.. i tried to use it to access veoh and i dont know what to do..

    @darkmotives you can always order books from kino by email or telephone.. i dont really know if they charged an extra money but you will get the book within 2 weeks.

    i hope my Voice Animage come someday in this week.. sakurai is in there..
  5. aarinfantasy
    Hi all, I am also busy... sometimes forgot to come over here this section to read. Lately many problems at work. I don't know if I can stand it! So much pressure >.<;;

    Anyway, is Borders selling Vol8 of Junjou Romantica manga? I ordered it a few months back from a friend from USA. Is it actually out in Msia or do we need to special order it now even in Borders?

  6. sakurai93
    i dont think malaysia will ever sell yaoi manga now... the last time i go to borders, i searched for 1/2 hour and i can only find 3-5 yaoi manga only.. >.<" well, at least it is better than kino.. i cant even found a trace of yaoi anywhere in it except in the japanese department...
  7. kavz30
    @aarin, take a chill pill, sit back and relax! *hugs* anytime u need a listening ear, drop by here and rant! we're here for you!

    just read news online - the article about some ex-politician spending RM1.7 MILLION on his "lawatan sambil belajar" made my jaw drop. so freaking furious. when i was working, i faithfully paid my taxes...only to go into his expenses claim. granted, i didn't pay thousands but with the overall amount, i could have given my Chinese grandmother some part of it and donated the rest to my favourite fansub sites, freeware sites and forums (AF included)!

    On a happier note, i just wanted to let you guys know that i've been accepted to study my Masters in a uni here! So come July, i shall be studying full-time. so happy about that!

    OK, this is all i have to say for now! cheers, mates, and long live yaoi!
  8. ~silvis~
    @kav: oh yeah I saw the article today! I was like wtf at it! Congrats kav!
    College's been quite alright xD
  9. BLeeding99
    * Helo....all I'm Malaysian from Sabah ehehehe..... nice 2 b in this chat n so nice to join the group...heheh....PeaCeZ...all....hehehe...
  10. yuyue_hirakiseira
    so long didn't come to this section...
    hmm....i think a few months...
    i have no idea what i'm so busy till have no time to this section...
    ahh anyways nice to meet BLeeding99
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