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  1. kodoyamoto
    Hi~ Woa! It sounds fun! Now my turn ^^''

    1) Which state you from : Johor Bahru, Johor
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) : 12 October 1994
    3) Hobbies : I like to try new things!! Meeting new friends thats have same intrest also GREAT! Litsen to music can make me forget my problems
    4) Working/ stuying : Hmmm how I to say it? Im taking exam for SPM last year. So, I'm waiting for result this March ^^
    5) Fav yaoi pairing : Omg... O////O Umm, Takano x Ritsu and Akihiko x Asami might be great couple ^^;
    6) Fav yaoi anime : Togainu No Chi, Kerie Papa, and Hey, Class President!!! <---like the blushing part ALOT!!
    7) Fav non yaoi anime : Detective Conan.
    8) Current anime watching : Uta No Prince Sama. They so awesome o////o
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. : Ummhm ^^" Since facebook social web very famous nowadays. You are very welcome to add me ^^"
  2. jjo
    first day here..Hi there everybody~

    1) Which state you from : Kuala Lumpur
    2) Birthday (and year if you want): 1st November
    3) Hobbies: Watching anime, Reading manga, comics and novels, hiking and extreme games if have the chance.
    4) Working/ stuying: Currently studying still with freelance working.
    5) Fav yaoi pairing: Have quite a number to list down.. one of it is Masamune and Ritsu..
    6) Fav yaoi anime: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Koi Suru Boukun
    7) Fav non yaoi anime: Too many to list down as well.. Fate Stay Night, Shakugan No Shana, Vampire Night, Angel Beats and etc
    8) Current anime watching: Kimi To Boku, Fate Zero and Jormungand

    Nothing special to add..That's all from me~
    I'm not able to online all the time due to some circumstances, still I do hope I will be able to mix around.
    Hope to see you all
  3. RyouMidori
    1) Which state you from : Sabahan but will start studying at kl in 4 june
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) : 10 April 1994 ( only recently turn 18, but already watch yaoi long before that )
    3) Hobbies : Anime, manga, fanfiction, being bossy, write story, read novel, giving ideas, in charge in everything
    4) Working/ stuying : studying in iium for foundation. who else that have the same uni as me? maybe we can meet and talk about 'things'
    5) Fav yaoi pairing : RioXMiura, TakanoXRitsu, ShuuXNatsu, UsagiXMisaki and many more...
    6) Fav yaoi anime : JR, Ank, sekai-ichi hasukoi, ikoku romantan, sex pistols... gah still many yaoi like to watch but lazy to write
    7) Fav non yaoi anime : maid sama, special A, reborn, fairy tail, beelzebub...
    8) Current anime watching : fairy tail, uraboku, beelzebub, angel feather
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. : although i'm a malay girl, but can speak mandarin fluently but english i dont really confident in them and i also take chinese for my spm
  4. kirara1987
    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from - Pahang
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) - 19/09/1987
    3) Hobbies - Reading manga, watching anime and listening to OSTs.
    4) Working/ studying - Working
    5) Fav yaoi pairing- Kaname x Zero (Vampire Knight), Asami x Tabaka (Viewfinder), Chris x Asashi (The Last Client), Nezumi x Shion (No.6), Iason x Riki (Ai no Kusabi)
    6) Fav yaoi anime- Viewfinder, Loveless, Okane ga Nai, Ikokoi Romantan, No.6
    7) Fav non yaoi anime- Fate/Zero, Ouran High School, Fate/Stay Night, Digimon Series, Inuyasha, Kaichou wa Maid Sama, Avatar the Last Airbender.
    8) Current anime watching- Fate/Zero
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..
    Feel free to add me as friend through MSN @ kirara1987@hotmail.com but please state that you are for AF Forum so that I won't decline your request. (avoiding spam) I'm also a fanfic writer for Vampire Knight series, so feel free to drop by my FFN page which is kanshou87 - FanFiction.Net to check out my fanfics if you are interested.
  5. Adrian76
    AHhh here is mine XD

    1) Which state you from - Born in PJ, Living in KL
    2) Birthday - 4 August 1976 (old.... )
    3) Hobbies - Collectiing Stamps, Indoor games, Computer games, Reading, Violin, Anime, Badminton (seldom play now XD), Gardening
    4) Working/ stuying - Working in family business
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - Yuuri and Wolfram, Misaki and Usami, Takano and Onodera
    6) Fav yaoi anime - Kyou Kara Maou, Junjou Romantica, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - Saiunkoku Monogatari, La corda D'Oro Prima Passo & Secondo Passo, Shounen Onmyouji, Kekkaishi
    8) Current anime watching - Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..- Yea, I am hooked up Korean drama as well. Now, I am watching Life is Beautiful, has a yaoi/gay pairing !!! COOL story about family values and acceptance of gay in Korea! Its a Must watch drama for Yaoi fans!!!! Soundtracks cool too. Feel free to add me on msn, indicating you from AF forum. My msn is adrianong_bry@hotmail.com

  6. cAyenNe
    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from : Selangor
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) : 10 Sept 1986
    3) Hobbies : Dancing, Moe screaming n singing to song blasting
    4) Working/ studying : Working
    5) Fav yaoi pairing : MasamunexRitsu, KouxKisa, NowakixHiro, SebastianxGrell, KanamexZero, HikaruxKaoru
    6) Fav yaoi anime : Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi !
    7) Fav non yaoi anime : Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Ouran Highschool HostClub, KaichouWaMaid
    8) Current anime watching : Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi (just finished, now starting on its manga )
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..
    Nice to meet u all. Didn't know there were so many BL fans in Msia. Thought I was the weird one. Am glad that I finally found some place to share the anime/BL love
    loves cute and cuddly stuff, but dresses up to look pretty and sexy. have erratic personality; can be moody to shy to crazy to serious yoroshiku
  7. ayumi_fantasy91
    1) Which state are you from: Selangor(I was born in KL but I'm currently lived in Selangor)
    2) Birthday (and year if you want): July 29th 1991
    3) Hobbies: Drawing,collecting YGO cards, surfing the net, reading books that has pictures inside(I don't like novels etc since they're text only XD)
    4) Working/ studying: Studying in college under animation course
    5) Fav yaoi pairing: Too many to list!!
    6) Fav yaoi anime: I rarely watched it so I don't have one XD
    7) Fav non yaoi anime: All Yu-Gi-Oh series, Yu Yu Hakusho, All Digimon series, Eyeshield 21, Beyblade(the original one,not the metal one,ok?)
    8) Current anime watching: YGO Zexal

    I've been a yaoi fan since I was 13(quite young eh?) but I'm officially a fan when I was 15..I'm a girl and I've been keeping lots of yaoi doujinshis on my laptop..muahahahahaha!!!!!!
    Nice to meet you all, Malaysian fujoshis..ehehe
  8. YayFanGirl
    Hi everyone!!!!

    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from: Kedah

    2) Birthday (and year if you want): 24 December 1991

    3) Hobbies: surfing the internet, reading mangas, reading mm novels, making videos on vegas pro and gifs on photoshop. Currently -is-intensely learning to paint properly in photoshop. Anyone with the same hobbies with me, let's be friends!!!

    4) Working/ studying: Multimedia student-First year

    5) Fav yaoi pairing: Asami + Akihito; Kumakashi + McBear from Sex Pistols; Iason + Riki

    6) Fav yaoi anime: Sex Pistols, Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku, Ai no kusabi,

    7) Fav non yaoi anime: oh, this one is so much!!! Let's just say that my favorites are those with these genre:
    • josei ( ex: Sakamichi no apollon, kimi no todoke and Honey and Clover)
    • shounen (ex: Tiger&Bunny,samurai X, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Sengoku Basara and Slam Dunk, Naruto, to name a few)
    • shoujo (ex: GateKeepers, and ....ahhhh!!! I can't think of more, at this moment..huhu :\
    • supernatural (ex: Ghost at school, Ghost Hound, Alien 9 & E-Level)
    • psychology (ex: gankutsou, Aoi Bungoku Series, and Monster)
    • romance (ex: itazura na kiss, hana yori dango, and ToraDora)
    • drama life (Niea_7, Aka-chan to boku, and Usagi Drop)

    8) Current anime watching: Hourou Musuko, Himitsu:Top Secret and Kire to papa

    9) Anything else you'd like to add..

    Besides yaoi, I also LOVE:
    • Bara
    • mm novels
    • gay-themed movies/ gay-slurred movies

    That's about it for now

    Please don't be afraid to add me as a friend, if you'd like to ask me anything!! I won't bite, unless you are some really hot bishies (:
  9. unveilthescar
    1) Which state you from - selangor
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) - 22 March
    3) Hobbies - getting myself stuck in BL's world
    4) Working/ studying - studying
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - uncountable!
    6) Fav yaoi anime - like a lot, one of them is junjou romantica surely
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - ouran high school host club
    8) Current anime watching - love stage!
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. -none of my real life friends involved in this yaoi world so i have no one to share with about this. T.T
  10. shanaxharuhi
    1) Which state you from - kl
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) - 9 x 3 = 27 ..crack my bday
    3) Hobbies - reading sleeping eating

    4) Just graduated at this moment
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - too much to count but i guess the current will be... shirotani tadaomi x kurose riku
    6) Fav yaoi anime - sekaiichi hatsukoi , junjou romantica
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - ouran high school host club, tokyo ghoul, etc.... a long list
    8) Current anime watching - arslan senki, aoharu x kikanjuu, junjou romantica 3
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. I got drawn into yaoi world thanks to a certain someone ---->
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