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  1. Soo1991

    I'm from Selangor...
    A student
    Amature Yaoi-lover
    My Favourite Yaoi pairing will Abe x Ren from Ookiku Furikabutte
    My Favourite anime is Yaoi titles and Studio Ghibli Collections
    I hope to collect more Yaoi items and also thanks to all the generous members who shared their BLCDs and other ...
    I'm having so much fun, I'm trying to be more active and socializing around the community to share our passion towards Yaoi

    Nice to meet all of you~ Yoroshiku...
  2. suetlana
    hello, been a while...i mean been a loooooooooog time hehe~ Happy to be back.

    My basic info~

    1) Which state you from : Pahang

    2) Birthday: 14 Oct

    3) Hobbies: Watching anime, writing fiction, watching tv

    4) Working/ stuying: for now both.

    5) Fav yaoi pairing: oh, this is hard. I've got too many fav.

    6) Fav yaoi anime: junjou romantica

    7) Fav non yaoi anime: Macross Super Dimensional Fortress

    8) Current anime watching: Just finish macross frontier

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne
  3. Ayakaoru
    Helooooo! I've registered a long time ago, but only now I have the chance to say hi!

    1) Which state you from : I've stayed at many places but currently residing in Putrajaya
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) : December 8th (I'm of legal age for hardcore yaoi)
    3) Hobbies : Browsing the net, write fanfics, watch anime, read manga...the usual stuff
    4) Working/ studying: Currently a final year student in UKM, majoring in English
    5) Fav yaoi pairing : Have lots. But right now I'm into TezukaxFuji fandom from Prince of Tennis
    6) Fav yaoi anime: Sex pistols. If Junjou Romantica have more steamy scenes, then it would be my number 1
    7) Fav non yaoi anime: Skip Beat and Ghost Hunt. Awesomeness!
    8) Current anime watching: None...No time ito watch. Got a thesis to write
    9) Anything else you'd like to add : I'm always an idiot when it comes to utilizing a great website like this so you will find me MIA most of the time . I love anime and manga so much which turned me into such a Japanese freak . I speak Malay, English, a little Japanese and currently learning French .
  4. Vixcenn
    well i'm much later compared to you guys =3=

    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from = Kuala Lumpur / Negeri Sembilan
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) = 1988
    3) Hobbies = drawing, playing video games, reading manga, reading fantasy novels
    4) Working/ stuying = working as research assistant atm, planning to continue taking Master of Science
    5) Fav yaoi pairing = Morinaga Tetsuhiro x Tatsumi Souichi, Chiga x Kokusai (and many more depending on my mood)
    6) Fav yaoi anime = Koisuru Boukun, Hyakujitsu no bara
    7) Fav non yaoi anime = Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Code Geass
    8) Current anime watching = Fairy Tail, Ao no Exorcist, BakaTest 2, Tiger & Bunny... you can check out the rest here DarkVieN's Profile - MyAnimeList.net
    9) Anything else you'd like to add... hmm I'm kinda picky when it comes to watching anime, which includes yaoi.
  5. hikaruvirgo
    1) Which state you from; JOHOR
    2) Birthday (and year if you want):26th august
    3) Hobbies:listening music
    4) Working/ stuying:study
    5) Fav yaoi pairing:akihikoXasami
    6) Fav yaoi anime:sekai ichii hatsukoi
    7) Fav non yaoi anime:gundam seed
    8) Current anime watching:uta-pri and natsume yuujinchou san
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..: nothing
  6. DelilahDesiree
    Which state: Sabah.
    Birthday: 16 April
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, music
    Working/Study : Study
    Fav yaoi pairing: usami x misaki? I don't know... too many...
    Fav yaoi anime: Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
    Fave nin yaoi anime: Hetalia, Kimi No Todoke, Kuroshitsuji
    Current watching: Nothing because I'm too busy procrastinating.
    Anything else: I never know there're other yaoi fans here~ so nice to meet you all.
  7. KitsunexOokami
    1) Which state you from - FL
    2) Birthday - 31ST October
    3) Hobbies - Reading, games, writing, making AMVs
    4) Working/ stuying - looking for job, hope to start soon.(no job avable where I live.)
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - Yuuri x Wolfrom from KKM <3
    6) Fav yaoi anime - D: Gravataion(frist Yaoi anime i watch)
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - Saiyuki.(all three seires)
    8) Current anime watching - Mouse
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. - taking AMVs request, Fanfiction(not yaoi yet but i beta them so you want me to beta i will) and never been to a animecon...
  8. danette
    1) Which state you from: Shah Alam
    2) Birthday: 11th Oct 19XX
    3) Hobbies: Drawing, sewing, playing with my dollfies.
    4) Working/ stuying: Full time student.
    5) Fav yaoi pairing: SasuNaru, HijiGin, SanZo, 182769, IasonRiki, uhh...lots! >w<
    6) Fav yaoi anime: AnK, Sex pistol, Junjou Romantica, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan...The list can go on and on and on. XDDD
    7) Fav non yaoi anime: Hetalia! Reborn, Tengen Toppa Guren Lagan.
    8) Current anime watching: None ATM. Exam.
    9) Anything else you'd like to add: I have no idea there's lots of fujoshi in Malaysia! OAO Nice to meet chuu. Call me Arisu (Alice).
  9. rayyan715
    1) Which state you from - Selangor
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) - 20 May
    3) Hobbies - reading, eating and sleeping
    4) Working/ stuying - study
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - too many
    6) Fav yaoi anime - too many
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - Bleach and many more
    8) Current anime watching - nodame cantabile
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. - i'm study graphic...
  10. MokonaYI
    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from - Pahang
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) - 11th of March (legal age! :P)
    3) Hobbies - reading ... *stuff*...
    4) Working/ stuying - studying
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - recent? Takano/Ritsu
    6) Fav yaoi anime - again recent? Sekaiichi!
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - that's too many =A=
    8) Current anime watching - DenYuuDen, Natsume Yuujinchou etc! (have yet to make up my mind from the new season)
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. - i'm a sweet girl, i don't bite, and i like bunnies as crazily as Rukia does!
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