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  1. akayuki
    lol kyuuka I'm kinda like you but I think I've lurked longer...maybe...XD

    Me details,

    1) Which state you from
    2) Birthday
    1 Nov 1984
    3) Hobbies
    Cooking, Drawing, Writing, Listening to Music
    4) Working/ studying
    5) Fav yaoi pairing
    [Fanon] SasuNaru, GrimmIchi, LLight, SuzaLulu and many more
    [Canon] UsagiMisaki, NowakiHiroki, AsamiAkihito and many more XD
    6) Fav yaoi anime
    (First ever watched was Gravitation) Ai no Kusabi, Junjou Romantica, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Maiden Rose, Koisuru Boukun
    7) Fav non yaoi anime
    One Piece, Death Note, Natsume Yuujinchou, Ouran High School, Code Geass
    8) Current anime watching
    Bakuman, Tegami Bachi Reverse, Togainu no Chi, Otome Yokai Zakuro
    9) I'm currently trying to learn more Japanese so that I can enjoy more BL that are not available in English. I'm grateful for the many BL stuff that are shared in this forum so thanks to Aarin and all the contributors.
    Ps: I'm curious: Uu chui chui beng pek wa kong ha mi bo? Ah si uu eng wa lang chuu ki lim teh ho bo? Hahaha.
  2. aarinfantasy
    @akayuki: I am from KL but stay in Penang, so at the last line... I do understand! hahaha
    You said "Anyone knows what am I saying? If yes, let's go drink tea/teh ok?"
    My Hokkien is really bad but since stay here for some years I know also la~ haha
  3. akayuki
    @aarinfantasy Cool! XD I was wondering if anybody knew Hokkien here lol Mine's more rojak then the actual one anyways hahaha...
    You guys ever met up before in person, like a gathering or something? Would love to go "lim teh"[have a drink] with you all.
  4. aarinfantasy
    We all speak rojak anyways since we are multi racial country~
    Nope, I never made a gathering before cuz most ppl are from USA. I was invited to a yaoi con for an AarinFantasy forumers meeting but of course too far away for me! hahaha
  5. akayuki
    True true. Hahaha You could save up for a ticket to US ^^ I'm saving up for one to Japan... How about a gathering for Malaysians? Hmm I wonder if we have enough ppl who are interested =P
  6. kyuuka
    @Akayuki - OMG! another Penangite! *is excited* eh, kia lah beh beh chu ki lim teh~ =p
    lolz, and I'm waiting for next semester in USM to learn Jap too. >.> Same reason as yours, lolz~
  7. sef
    @akayuki: we've tried the gathering once (back in 2009- comic fiesta) but it wasn't really successful. I ffk the last minute due to some personal problem XD. I don't know how to speak other dialect than Cantonese. =)
  8. aarinfantasy
    I speak Canto and English most of the time~ But actually very bad with Hokkien since I am originally from KL but moved to Penang XD Oh ya the Comic Fiesta gathering wasn't successful cuz a lot of ppl either cant make it or just didn't check back here often to confirm >.<;; And I wasn't there too! =x
    Well... for a gathering I think maybe sometime in future...not now though cuz I am really busy lately. I think it should be okay if it's done properly and planned well, so I think if there is I should do it myself one day. See how ^^;;; No promises~
  9. akayuki
    Cool, I'm Cantonese but I suck at it lols That's too bad for the gathering but I see the problems there. Will be on the lookout for one then? See how la^^
  10. Talraven
    Haha, it's funny knowing there are other BL/Yaoi fans in Malaysia... Anyways, hi, guys. :] Anyone from the same state as me? Let's trade secrets and terrorize people with yaoi together!

    1- State You're From - Johor.

    2- Birthday - 9 February 1993

    3- Hobbies - Sleeping, reading, writing, rollerblading, rockclimbing, ice-skating, karaoke-ing (it's not really a word, lol).

    4- Working/Studying - Not working (freeloader, haha), last year of high school. Enrolling into a college in KL next year.

    5- Favourite Yaoi Pairing- I can't really choose... It changes with my mood, lol, not to mention I really don't care about the pairing as long as my favourite character is the uke, hahaha. I like to torture them. -grins-

    6- Favourite Yaoi Manga/Anime- Manga-wise: Anything by Nanao Bohra. Anime-wise: Love Pistols, Gravitation (I bought the original DVD from a store that didn't even know the story was yaoi! LUCKY! :]), Tactics, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Koisuru Boukun, Close The Last Door.

    7- Favourite Non-Yaoi Manga/Anime - Beyblade (lol, it was so cool when I was a kid), One Piece, Durarara!! (it's not yaoi but it's almost bordering on shounen ai with the characters, lol! I love Shizuo!), Ookiku Furikabutte, xxxHOLiC (I don't know if it's non-yaoi or not, considering CLAMP's reputation at having heavily implied gay characters and the fact that everyone's trying to pair up Doumeki with Watanuki in the show itself, but ah, well), Black Blood Brothers.

    8- Current Watching- Re-watching One Piece. :].
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