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  1. Aamyra
    1) Which state you from - Kuala Lumpur.
    2) Birthday - 13th November 1991
    3) Hobbies - Shopping, reading, drawing, shopping, random wandering alone with music, watching movies alone (I'm not a loner, I swear, hahaha), ice-skating, watching football matches, badminton, games, shopping, etc.
    4) Working/studying - Random part-time jobs and studying at The One Academy.
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - Naru/Sasu, Draco/Harry, Mookyul/Ewon, etc.
    6) Fav yaoi anime/manga - Mangas by Sakuraga Mei, Totally Captivated Switch, etc.
    7) Fav non yaoi anime/manga - Naruto, Furuba, Bleach, Beelzebub, Hana Yori Dango, etc.
    8) Current anime watching - None.
  2. razorXroses
    Basic info you can provide:
    1) Which state you from : Born in KL raised in KL.. xD
    2) Birthday (and year if you want) : 14th April 1991
    3) Hobbies : being a pig.. xD
    4) Working/ stuying : studying in Taylor's..
    5) Fav yaoi pairing : YukiXShuichi
    6) Fav yaoi anime : hahaha.. there's a lot.. xD
    7) Fav non yaoi anime : Hana Kimi, Sailor Moon, etc.
    8) Current anime watching : Bleach...
    9) Anything else you'd like to add. : why must it be so hot in Malaysia...
  3. yuyue_hirakiseira
    1) Which state you from - Penang but currently stay in Ampang
    2) Birthday - 27th February
    3) Hobbies - Shopping for shoes & mangas....
    4) Working/studying - studying at TARC (Tar College)
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - umm... a lot....
    6) Fav yaoi anime/manga - well Okane Ga Nai, Gravitation
    7) Fav non yaoi anime/manga - Black Lagoon, Switch
    8) Current anime watching - None.
  4. tsuzuki89
    My turn ^^
    1) Which state you from: Sarawak
    2) Birthday (and year if you want): 25th April (hint, I'm 21 this year)
    3) Hobbies: art, music, games, food, translating, scanlating, drama CDs, being a total idiot about Hatano Wataru and Nitro+CHiRAL, basketball
    4) Working/ studying: Final year in uni in Australia
    5) Fav BL pairing: TetsuoxYouji (sweet pool)
    6) Fav BL anime: hard to say, 1 hasn't particularly tied me down yet (though I do like Junjou Romantica and Gravitation, and depends on how Togainu no Chi turns out), but if they made a sweet pool anime I will cry a Niagara Falls of tears and die happy (or maybe it was the dehydration)
    7) Fav non BL anime: xxxHOLiC, Fullmetal Alchemist, Devil May Cry
    8) Current anime watching: Kuuchuu Buranko <3
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..: It's always great to meet more Malaysian BL fans ^^ Feel free to contact me in anyway to be friends ^^
  5. natsuhiboshin89
    Hi everyone's it's my first time being in this social group.

    1) Which state you from: I'm actually from one of the east coast states. Easy Hint: Turtles. But i always have people mistaken me for Subang or PJ because of the way i speak and present myself

    2) Birthday: 17th March( it may not be a big deal in malaysia but it's St Patrick's day!So I kinda get to finish off pitchers of green beer once in a year)
    3) Hobbies: Writing, reading, cooking
    4) Working/ studying: Still studying (US) but I work as a tutor for my school's Writing department
    5) Fav yaoi pairing: Usami x misaki
    6) Fav yaoi anime: Isn't it obvious.
    7) Fav non yaoi anime: Yugioh(started watching it ever since i was in high school), KHR, KyoukaraMaoh, Bleach, Naruto........
    8) Current anime watching: Naruto(need to make up for lost time) and a never ending list of animes to watch
    9) Anything else you'd like to add:

    It's quite surprising to see malaysians who actually enjoy yaoi. I would always be so embrassed when I walk by the BL section of KinoKuniya or any of the manga shop around klang valley.Most of the time, I ended up buying nothing because of the questioning gaze of the shop assistants.
  6. EkaMixZzZ
    1) Which state you from - Puchong, Selangor
    2) Birthday - 07-06-1984
    3) Hobbies - Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Cooking and etc
    4) Working/ stuying - CSR Technical Support (Streamyx) at VADS
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - Lot pairing actually but look at My Signature
    6) Fav yaoi anime - Bronze and Zetsuai (The most) but I love all Yaoi Anime
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Uraboku, Sengoku Basara, Naruto Shippuden and etc. Actually more than what I listed here. But I'm lazy to type hehe XD
    8) Current anime watching : Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Uraboku, Sengoku Basara, Naruto Shippuden
    9) Anything else you'd like to add... Yeah... It's look like My Mom know about My hobby, READING YAOI. And she already saw MY HUGE COLLECTION OF MY YAOI MANGA from my PC (External/Internal HD) to all the yaoi manga I bought starting 2003 until now at My Shelf. DAMN you know what I'll keep this hobby until my future husband said no more. But I'll try to pursue him. Hehehe...One more thing, I'm MalayGirl a.k.a YAOI Fangirl.
  7. Ayaryochan
    Here's me. The name Aya :]

    1) Which state you from - Kuala Lumpur/Selangor
    2) Birthday - 21st April 1989
    3) Hobbies - writing, music, movies, jdorama, manga
    4) Working/ studying - studying. diploma of pharmacy,i'm about to grad in 2 months. and will continue.maybe.
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - brian/justin. takumi/gii. lots
    6) Fav yaoi anime - junjou romantica,sex pistols,kirepapa,maiden of rose etc
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - ayashi no ceres, rave, fushigi yuugi, gatekeeprs, a lot :]
    8) Current anime watching : none
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..

    None of my family members knew I'm a fujoshi. Only a few RL friends knew. That's wh I prefer hanging out with my LJ/fujoshi friends. I also love het stories. A crazy collector of Jdorama DVD/VCD. A stalker of Johnny's Entertainment. I totally adore Utada Hikaru.

    I ship Nishikido Ryo & Ueda Tatsuya Yoroshiku!
  8. norsue
    so sorry for taking so long to introduce here..

    1) Which state you from - Kedah
    2) Birthday - 17th April 1981
    3) Hobbies - games (PC & PS2, PS3) Horror & mystery (novel, movies etc), jdorama, manga & anime, music especially Jpop
    4) Working/ studying - Working full time
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - too many to counts currently crazy over Asami x Akihito pairing, Hotsuma x Shusei (uraboku), Yamamoto x Gokudera (KHR)
    6) Fav yaoi anime - i love all of them
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - KHR, Shiki, xxxHolic, Kyou Kara Maoh, Tsubasa Chronicle & many more..
    8) Current anime watching : Shiki
    9) Anything else you'd like to add..
    my real friends & family doesn't know i'm a fellow yaoi fan but my younger brother knew cause he saw my hp wallpaper with Asami x Aki and he just..ohh..whats this? "maid sama" ?...lol.. i just gave him a biggrin.. XD.i know he teased me. lucky, he's not against it. He just pretend he doesn't know about my addiction
  9. alicenatsuki

    1) Which state you from - Kuala Lumpur
    2) Birthday - 20 January 1992
    3) Hobbies - reading, chatting, on9, gaming, writing, listen 2 music....
    4) Working/ stuying - currently studying.....
    5) Fav yaoi pairing - SasuNaru, 1827, Kaname X Zero....
    6) Fav yaoi anime - Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru, yaoi manga by Yamane Ayano.....
    7) Fav non yaoi anime - bleach, naruto, fairy tail...(although i still prefer reading de manga)
    8) Current anime watching - bleach....
    9) Anything else you'd like to add.. - YAOI rock.....hahahaha....
  10. kyuuka
    omg XD didn't know that there's a M'sia group. .__. Gosh, I must have been lurkin around here and leeching for waaaaaay too long. anyways...

    ) Which state you from
    Penang! =p
    2) Birthday (and year if you want)
    3) Hobbies
    Uh...making amvs? Writing fanfics. though currently hit by writer's blocks and i couldn't find a video editing program that's compatible with my laptop OS...
    4) Working/ stuying
    5) Fav yaoi pairing
    Currently - AmericaXEngland!!!
    6) Fav yaoi anime
    Naru...wait, it's not a yaoi anime! *gets shot* uh, Junjou Romantica then. XD
    7) Fav non yaoi anime
    Hmm...Hetalia is non-yaoi rite? XD

    8) Current anime watching
    MM! ... Togainu no Chi...Shiki...

    9) Anything else you'd like to add... I am EVIL? XD
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