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Latest bl manga purchase and which shop?

  1. Hime-sama
    Hi guys and gals^^ I can't believe our social group only have one thread here.

    Anyhow...I would love to know what new yaoi titles you've recently bought and where you purchased it.

    For me I usually buy Borders Time Square, Kino KLCC, Lowyat Forum, Amazon...a few times on ebay but the thing is overseas shipping, especially in the USA, are very very very expensive or can get lost during shipping so I will try to buy locally if I can.

    How about you guys? Face any hurdle in getting your yaoi fix? I've bought Viewfinder Vol 1 & 2 english two month ago but the sad thing is the stuff never arrived even now! So close yet so far...my dream of owning Yamane-sensei's work nearly came true *sobs*
  2. valkyriensz
    I faced the same problem when I ordered Kizuna manga from Animetech store Midvalley branch & been waiting for almst 3 years b4 I canceled the order when I heard the sales guy said the hardcore ones like Yamane Sensei's manga, Youka Nitta's Haru wo Daiteita & even K2's Kizuna are hardly to bring in Malaysia anymore (thanks a lot to our Kastam) TT__TT

    latest BL manga I bought was Clan of Nakagamis part-2 (it's a shounen-ai though) from Borders Queensbay Mall Penang & Silver Diamond v.3 & v.4 from Kino KLCC ^^
  3. aarinfantasy
    Wah Amazon's Viewfinder VERY expensive! >.< I dont think I can afford those. If for other titles from Amazon then is ok.

    I got Junjou Romantica latest volume from Borders Penang at Queensbay Mall just last week! And I thought they arent selling anymore yaoi stuff... but I was wrong! ^^;; They still carry some yaoi mangas there.

    Eh for Kino KLCC, I didnt check it since last year when the staff there told me the government has banned yaoi mangas totally from Kino. Now can get???
  4. erilly
    I heard about it too. It seems that Kino not selling any BL anymore. Im getting my BL manga from Borders only. The latest manga I bought is Necratoholic.
  5. Hime-sama
    @aarin:Before I used to order yaoi titles via kino webstore and they will ship them directly to my house...that was before the yaoi ban was implemented...but last month new yaoi titles (not hardcore) like Tales of the Waning Moon Vol 1 by Hyouta Fujiyama and Bran Doll by Ryo Takagi are available on the new display shelf at Kino KLCC (to my surprise ^^) . So I think the yaoi ban has been lifted for now~yay! >___<

    Has anyone been to Borders Time Square? Find any yaoi titles there?
  6. aarinfantasy
    I seldom go KL this year... but I did go there early this year Borders Time Square - at least the yaoi manga choices more than Kino =x Borders Garden also quite good the last time I went.
  7. sakurai93
    @himesama yeah.. i see bran doll too and some other titles.. but i think they got away from the yaoi ban coz of the publishers.. the usual publisher for yaoi manga before is june manga or DMP.. if the yaoi ban has been lifted, there should be the mangas from june too but only the others i can find in kino.. maybe they only banned yaoi manga by DMP.. this is just my opinion though..

    its been some months since i went to Times Square.. well there is some yaoi manga but it is quite less and there isnt really choices there.. there are only 5-10 titles there if you spend half an hour searching..
  8. Hime-sama
    sakurai93: Hmm...I do think you're right...the usual big yaoi publishers are JUNE/DMP so new ones probably managed to pass by unnoticed by the authorities =________=
  9. valkyriensz
    ...and also BLU publisher...I hardly find it even in Borders Queensbay Mall and Times Square the last time I went there except a row of Junjou Romantica volumes 1-10 *fainted* I noticed some other publishers which sell manga quite expensive ones in Borders: Deux and 801 but the store only sell one or two manga titles only compared with June/DMP/BLU
  10. sakurai93
    yeah.. it still is hard to buy yaoi mangas.. >.<" for now, i just preferred downloading.. an easier and cheaper way.. XD
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