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Latest bl manga purchase and which shop?

  1. Enchant
    Hi, my stuff from Akadot arrived safely. But due to the expensive shipping costs, I have moved on to Book Depository. Also, probably because I have been buying many Sublime books recently that can only be bought via Books Depository. So far, all my orders has been released by kastam. I have just ordered 5 more books via booksdepository 2 weeks ago. Fingers crossed, hope they arrive safely next week as scheduled.
  2. aarinfantasy
    Book Depository is now okay from what I heard recently too.
  3. macharui
    I always buy new BL manga/magazine from Japanese webstores such as comicomi..I avoid buying from Amazon Japan because there is a great risk the parcel got detained by custom diraja, which I have actually kena once><
  4. norsue
    i forgot to share my experience buying from Bookurve.com XD i bought castle mango vol 1 & 2 from there and got everything without any problem. they shipped to me by poslaju. i guess they wait until the books arrived and soon they shipped to me. its good i guess. i'm planning to buy more from them but i still quite afraid cause castle mango is not that hardcore so maybe, KDN just release it but if anything that is hardcore like viewfinder hmmm i hope it will be ok.
  5. norsue
    here's the link, if anyone would like to try buying from them. they provide free shipping like bookdepository

    Bookurve - Malaysia online bookstore with FREE delivery.
  6. SaraPearl
    If the book is kena tahan at kastam, so can it be get back or just lost it like that?
  7. aarinfantasy
    Sorry of this comes too late ^_^;;
    But if your books kena tahan from kastam, you can't get it back because of the content and you may face penalty too...like pay fine or just get "scolded" by the kastam officers (from a friend's bf experience).
  8. mystique2428
    Sorry if this seems like too late to ask, but do you know how much exactly will the fine be if the kastam tahan our book?
  9. Galanos
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