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J-Rock Concerts

  1. Crube
    So, this thread is for the discussions of bands you have seen live. It could either be in one of those music festivals or music package tours like Taste of Chaos or anyplace really.

    As for myself, I was lucky to see D'espairsRay, MUCC, and the Underneath last year on the Taste of Chaos tour. Too bad this years Taste of Chaos looks boring. I managed to get to visit the bands afterwards, sucks that D'espairsRay was tired and asked for no pictures. I didn't get any of the Underneath for some reason, but I did managed to get their autographs. Few friends and I managed to buy small presents for the members of MUCC. If you're bored, you can go to YouTube and find some videos I made during the day.
  2. Se7enBishie
    I don't have anything near that cool, but I did see Dir en Grey on tour last November...which was an amazing show. Granted, Kyo didn't make himself bleed, but he can't do it all the time...^_^
  3. NekoInBlack
    Nobody will probably ever answer this but it's cool, might as well ask ~ did anyone get to go to the boys-only Abingdon Boys School concert? (Yes, there was such a thing - I have no idea how they checked to be sure, but it was so far away I couldn't test their techniques, lol). I'm curious as to what was different from the regular shows, or if it was just to get rid of screaming crazy fangirls so the guys could actually breathe and hear for a change.
  4. Crube
    Probably why they even had a boys only show: So we don't have to deal with the squealing. XD
  5. UllaBritta
    @Se7en, Kyo cutting himself isn't a part of the entertainment and shouldn't be considered as such. Sadly, since he did do it so often it has more or less become a part of the show and people expect him to cut his wrists or scrath his chest until it bleeds. This isn't healthy. I'm glad to see that he seems to be doing it less now. That probably means that he is feeling better.

    To stick to the topic; I have seen Dir en grey 3 times live, and that's about it when it comes to jrock. Mainly since the other bands I want to see don't tour outside of Japan so...
  6. Dada
    Soon I'll be in the Versailles live here in Mexico!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!! >////<
  7. KohakuShadow
    I went to see Dir en Grey Twice. Once when they were part of the Family Values Tour. as well as when they toured the US for the release of marrow of the Bone. I also went to both days of the Jrock Revolution concerts so I got to see all the bands who preformed. That was pretty amazing.
  8. ReiMoku
    So far, I've only been to one Jrock concert: Moi Dix Mois. You guys who got to see Dir en Grey multiple times are so lucky..I haven't even seen them once... hopefully in the future I'll be able to!
  9. Sayra
    Bah i whis i can see them in live in my country, but im not very luck Ç_Ç
    No one of music singer of Japan, come to Portugal to do a concert Ç_Ç
    It's so frustating bahhhhhh ~ I want to cry Ç_Ç
  10. seiryuu
    Hmmh, I wish I could see my favorite band more often, but lucky I have seen them live!
    I saw An Cafe twice
    D'espairsRay last July, and now on September again!! Kwiik!!
    I saw Gothika twice, and got in the same picture with the band (love Andro )
    Versailles, Abingdon Boys School, Mucc, Girugämesh, Screw...

    Wish I could see Dir en grey!!! You are lucky who have seen them!!
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