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J-Rock Concerts

  1. NatsuNiji
    I was at the concert and miyavi mucc. that was really cool and really cool was the autograph session with MUCC and really cute as she thanked in German. I'll go this year again and miyavi mucc concert. I am looking forward so much it would be if it is just as much at last!
  2. hideto003
    Hey I'm new ...last year was wersailles concert in Lima (I'm peruvian and a member of VersaillesPeru OST) it was awesome I still remember every single song !!! we want them here again but they are not including us in their tour =( soo we create a facebook page Yo tambien kiero Versailles venga a Peru please support us clicking "like" we have to be 800 in 3 days. Thank you sorry if I´m bothering you but we really want them here !!! they are also not going to northamercia...many people is calling it a half tour not a world tour....soo if you understand how we are feeling please support us.
  3. Sound
    I've seen the following bands:The GazetteKagrra,Dir en Grey Melt BananaMiyaviVersaillesDGacktX-JapanSuga ShikaoBest ones were The Gazette and X-Japan, worst one was (and I'm sorry to say) Gackt. He really dissapointed me with his yellow fried chicken tour. As for future plans I'm likely to go see LM.C in May and I'm keeping an eye out for a second concert of D ^^
  4. dark_isis19
    I've seen: Sins of the Flesh, Ethnic Legist, Gackt/YFC (twice), Miyavi, HITT (twice), and that's basically it, but I'm hoping to see fade this summer =P
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