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The GazettE parings

  1. EmmziNyappy
    Hello their!

    I'm crazy in The GazettE and when you think of witch paring you can put them together witch

    (In your dreams of course)

    I'm just getting GazettE-yaoi-fangirl crazy

    I love every paring with them but if I really haft to chose one...two..? Three?!

    So is it ReitaxKai, KaixUruha and KaixRuki

    So I wonder witch paring to you love the most?
  2. Bishojo
    I love GazettE very much, but when I try making their pairs - it's hard ;D I think I really like RukixReita or UruhaxAoi
  3. chiakaiyuki
    I too like the AoixUruha and ReitaxRuki pairings.
    ReitaxKai would be my second choice.
    My favorite pairing is the OT5, group orgy. *grins*
  4. bijouflower
    I have to say that I 100% agree^^^ Ga! I love then!!!
  5. SavhanhaGhibli
    I agree~! Reituki and AoiHa are definitely my favourite ~! But I am starting to like Uruha x Kai and Ruki x Aoi~! ^^
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