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  1. Akuma_Kao
    woah, I'm the 2nd member *g*

    I can't really count the times I had to tell somebody "actually, that's a guy".
    Just a couple weeks ago I brought a magazine to school, an older volume of FoolsMate with some beautiful Dir en grey pictures. I showed everyone the pictures of Shinya because I wanted to get my hair done like that. A friend of mine looked at the fotos and he just said: "She's quite cute. But too flat for my tastes."
    I was almost screaming at him *lol*
  2. cuteRay08
    OMG?!! It's true.. *faints*... When I pointed it out the last time with my classmate, he said "Wow.. It's cool... I like her style"... I was like>>>0_0 "err...that's a guy"..and he totally loose his composure while staring at the screen.. ahaha..^^
  3. kumi-kun
    hii guys, I'm new here! ^^

    I don't like many jrock bands of these days but I decided to join anyways! X3
  4. VisualCloud
    yay there's jrock/VK lovers ooooh i love that picture of Teru from Versailles!! ^o^ hehe
  5. Charlatan
    Omg hellooo everyone one *waves*...
  6. ExoticChocolat
    hi! >w<
    im sooo glad to find a group for jrock and visual-kei!! :3

    oh and nice to meet you all!
  7. VisualCloud
    WOO Charlatan-chan!!!!! -glomps-

    heya Exotic!!
  8. ExoticChocolat
    oh hello. :3
  9. Crube
    Bwahaha... I'm here! X3
  10. Japanese Zombie Heroes
    Japanese Zombie Heroes
    OOoohh!!! I don't feel alone anymore!!! I'm happy to meet other visual kei fans!!! YOOOSH!!
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