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  1. Miranda_Ocean
    Hiyo! I dipped my fingers into a little Visual Kei a couple years ago but never latched on, y'know? I'd really like to *really* get into it. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome! *hands out e-cookies*
  2. bijouflower
    Lol! So my brother was talking about how i listen to jap music when I'm white (im learning japanese! slowly but surly!) but I was like its not JUST jap music! Its JROCK/VISUAL KEI! and then proceeded with look! Isn't this the cutes thing you ave ever seen!?!?!? (A pic of Mao, the lead singer of SID)
  3. SavhanhaGhibli
    Hi!~ I've just joined the site and I'm so happy I've found a group of fellow JRockers and VKei fans~! Yatta~~! ^O^
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