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Miyavi World Tour 2011

  1. Kabuki
    Me and my friend went to Miyavi's concert in Chicago last year and we agreed that if he ever came back we would go again. And even though we're broke and I'm a poor college student who really shouldn't be spending all my money like this...we're going! XDDD

    Getting to Chicago is actually a road trip for me (I live about 8 hours from Chicago T.T) and last year...was not such a fun trip. The concert was frickin awesome of course (despite the tornado), but the ride to Chicago suuuuuucked (the bus we were on broke down)...so I hope this time goes alot better >_< And this time we we're getting to the HOB reaaaaally early cuz I want to be up front

    So is anyone else going to the Chicago concert? There really aren't any jrock fans where I live. It'd be nice to know and meet some people

    Sry...I think I was rambling a bit...>_>
  2. Chimeina
    :O you saw him in Chiciago too~! I'll never forget the rain that day -flash back-......-comes back- but yeah I went the a friend and my dad...My dad went in not knowing what to expect, he'd never heard of Miyavi before unless I'm just randomly singing lyrics around the house but after that concert miyavi gained a new fan in my dad xD He's basically hinted that my friend and I must take him to some of the miyavi concerts we attend...good times~!....though now that I actually look at the date of the post...guess I jumped the gun and got excited o - o and replied to an extremely old post
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