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ok so its not yaoi related(although it could be XD)
but its for anyone who loves miyavi <3


• Stage Name: Miyavi
• Formerly known as: Miyabi
• Position: Former guitarist and back up vocalist of Due le quartz, currently a solo artist, and also a member of S.K.I.N.
• Birthday: September 14th 1981
• Star sign: Virgo, though he claims to be a Pegasus
• Born in: Hyougoken, Japan
• Height: 185 CM
• Weight: 57 kg
• Favorite Color: Pink
• Cigarette brand: Formerly seven star box, but recently he's been aiming to quit.
• Shoe size: 9 (US) / 27.5 CM

-雅- Interesting Facts: -雅-

• Miyavi has claimed to be his own favorite artist.

• Miyavi's former stage name, Miyabi, means "elegant".

• Miyavi's favorite cologne is Dolce & Gabbana.

• Miyavi loves chocolate cake, chicken, and inari zushi.

• Miyavi hates broccoli and tomato juice.

• Miyavi admires Toshiya of Dir en grey, and Kazuki of Raphael.

• Kei from Baroque is said to look up to Miyavi.

• Miyavi says he has issues shouting all the time, no matter where he is.

• Miyavi says he cannot go a day without hugging someone.

• Miyavi wanted to be a doctor before he became a musician "because it's very important to help people".

• Miyavi has three piercings in his face (right eyebrow, left nostral, right bottom lip) six in his ear, and one "secret" piercing. The interesting thing about his lip piercing is, it actually goes through his lip as opposed to under/around it like most piercings do.

• Miyavi hit his front teeth on the microphone during his first major live. He continued as if nothing happened, but afterwards he said hurt so much he felt like crying.

• Miyavi loves his tattoos and piercings, but says he doesn't necessarily want a girl who shares those same features. However, he said as long as she's cute...it's alright.

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