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SeMeuKe Beta HigH

  1. Hellwan

    Welcome students, Semes and Ukes im ur dean Hellwan step this way . Obey the school rules and we'll have a good semester. Listen to ur semes,ukes im not resposible for crying ukes that come to my office. Enjoy the year *thumps up*
  2. brave heart
    brave heart
    thanks for having me .^-^. , but hey thats not fair >.< what if someone is mean to me what can i do then ?
  3. foxytroy
    it says that you can freely choose a partner, so if he's mean to u then u can always abandon your mean seme. at least, that's what i think. get to know him first, know what he likes, is he romantic or sadistic/mean, and then make him your seme and obey.
  4. kujimori
    hihi guys nice to join u
  5. brave heart
    brave heart
    @foxy:what a rule !!??? i could never do that >.< hmm its emperesing *blush* how can i choose my partner ??!! well ... i think its hard for me ...
    @kuji: hey .*hugs* nice to see you here .^-^.
  6. kujimori
    Ill take a partner thats HOT and a Uke obey me
  7. brave heart
    brave heart
    hahahaha , well i hope you will find what you want .^-^.
  8. foxytroy
    shinemoon: *thinks and grins at a new idea* i think i can work my magic here. LOL. what a cheesy line.

    kujimori: *pats your back* well........... we need more members so that we can spread your choices. I, however, am taken and only devoted to one and only. *holds hellwan's waist, then rests my head on his shoulder, smiles, falling flowers in the background*
  9. brave heart
    brave heart
    @foxy: huh...what idea??!!!!! ...i dont think i will like this ...i hate magic it reminde me of cris >.< yes i think you do , just for you to know hurt hellwan and preper your self for getting killed by me , but i dont think i need to told you that right *hugs* and i can imagen that so just in case that happen ok so dont think of me bad or somthing ok *hugs and kiss forehead*.^__^.
  10. cuteRay08
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