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Fave song by Gackt and why?

  1. pandorina
    Come on Dears. Let us know what song melts your heart or makes you move.
    Which is your Fav Gackt Song.

    I shall start.
    Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara - both Crescent and Seventh Night versions. the epic sweeping melody mixed with his heartfelt lyrics. "because you wait for me" melts my heart every time. It was the first song of his I completely obsessed about. Its is still on heavy rotation in my itunes.

    Your Turn!

  2. Aki
    It changes from time to time, but at this moment: Asrun dream
  3. Jurianne
    I quite like Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara actually.

    I think my most listened to is Lust for blood ! I don't know there's something quite eerie with the music and emotional in the way he sang it.

    My 2nd should be Redemption. haha
    my all time favorite has to be vanilla the way he sounds just unbelievable...but right now i'm listening to reborn on loop
  5. Winkinator
    Iloooove Mirror and U+K!!!! nyah!!! just love them very much!!! and Kimi ga oikaketa yume :P ooooh and Redemption!!! love em!!! LOVE CHUUU GACCHAN!!!!!!!
  6. kiruasama
    I love his old song : misérable, oasis, sekiray, asrun dream. I really love the violin
  7. SECU
    My all time favorite Gackt song is Last Song, both LIVE and CD versions Mainly because it's dedicated to his ex-wife when they had to break up Other songs that are close to my heart are Vanilla, Saikai~Story~, Ai Senshi, Black Stone (it's so rocky and happy-sounding even if it's dedicated to Gackt-sama's car-driver... O.o), Illuminati & Uruwashiki Kamen (from Malice Mizer times), Mirror's LIVE version (I love the cats dancing with him ), Ghost and Journey through the Decade ^.^
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