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lamento in english..?

  1. loveDkun
    I just found it for some day ago so I would just ask here..

    oh.. beside.. I´m new..
    hey nice to meet you all
    (hehe.. it was a little off torpic)

    well... then thing I wanna ask is if anyone have found the lamento game with english sub?..
    I found it for some days ago on youtube.. and I really glad someone uplouaded it with eng sub

    I would give the person a big hug if I saw him/her who did it..
    and I really hope she/he will keep on uploading the game..
  2. Mysophobia
    I don't think anyone will translate the entire game of Lamento anytime soon.
    It's just way too complex and long-winded. xP
  3. ManaLover
    Well actually someone on youtube translated the game, but you'll have to follow it there
    Anyway here you go ^^
    YouTube - L ~ BtV ~ Beginning part 1 (Rough English Sub)
  4. yuumei
    There is a project on livejournal to get a patch for translation: Fan community for Nitro+Chiral's Lamento

    Just needs translating :/
  5. Zarachi
    I think there is someone currently Translating an English Patch for it, (Maybe the same group as Togainu No Chi Translators.)
    But I doubt that they have released it by now. >w<
  6. Geohound96
    Sorry to bump an old thread, but does someone know if anyone's currently translating Lamento?
  7. vespur
    Hey Geohound96 - I just joined the group. There is a translation team on it right now. Check this link.

  8. xsilverghostx
    For those who don't know japanese but know chinese, they completed theirs should you be interested.
  9. enjoiPANDAS
    Not sure if anyone is still here but aye, English patch

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