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Some questions about Lamento, if anyone could help

  1. Takasc
    Hi guys! I kinda feel like I'm reviving a dead group or so. Anyway, I didn't know where/how to post in the forum so I'll just post here. I was thinking about buying Lamento, I like to have the physical memories of things I love. Actually does it have a CD or is it only on-line? i already solved my other questions btw
  2. enjoiPANDAS
    Super late reply, but did you ever figure this out?

    I know that you can get the game for around 40 USD from the Japanese Nitro+Chiral online store. It's also up on Japan Yahoo Auctions from time to time, however you need to use a proxy for both as they only sell to Japanese addresses.

    The easier but vastly more expensive option is Amazon or Ebay (often runs for $100+)
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