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Some questions about Lamento, if anyone could help

  1. Takasc
    Hi guys! I kinda feel like I'm reviving a dead group or so. Anyway, I didn't know where/how to post in the forum so I'll just post here. I was thinking about buying Lamento, I like to have the physical memories of things I love. Actually does it have a CD or is it only on-line? i already solved my other questions btw
  2. enjoiPANDAS
    Super late reply, but did you ever figure this out?

    I know that you can get the game for around 40 USD from the Japanese Nitro+Chiral online store. It's also up on Japan Yahoo Auctions from time to time, however you need to use a proxy for both as they only sell to Japanese addresses.

    The easier but vastly more expensive option is Amazon or Ebay (often runs for $100+)
  3. cetesoul
    Thank you so much for everything and for continuing to show it your most sacred and priceless love, especially for those who also have DID and BPD. With it, let's change the world for the better. free games
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