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Lamento spoiler - info

  1. littleDei
    hey guys!
    I've just joined this group ... and I'm going to play lamento soon ...
    I haven't played Togainu no Chi either ... sorry ...

    and I want to ask for some story spoilers for Lamento.
    Does anyone wants to tell me a little bit about:

    Leaks, his relationship with Koneo, if he has one ... v.v
    and about Shui (why is he named 'a poet')?

    At the moment I'm very confused about the mass of infos I've got from Fansites and Pics ^^°

    If someone can tell me a little bit about this ... that would be very helpful :3

    thx you all~
  2. kittyloverzz
    sorry... >.< I don't understand it myself, lol.
  3. littleDei
    no pro at all~ ^^°

    luckily I've found already someone~ :3

    but thanks~
  4. Miyu
    You have the spoil me thread here
    Hope it helps your quest. If you need more info, feel free to ask me
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