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Togainu no Chi anime

  1. Blue-Jay
    Anyone else watching it?
  2. Pain
    Of course. I would be insane not to watch it as I have been loyally in love with the whole package dealing with TnC for... possibly 2 1/2 years now. Oddly, it's been the only series I've been loyal towards and I guess that says a lot about my strange love for it.
  3. Yaoimaniac92
    Yep. I got up to the 4th episode and am dying for more. I began reading the manga to keep me busy I love it!!
  4. Blue-Jay
    I'm dying for more as well. Which fansub are you girls (& guys) following? gg for me.

    @Yaoimanic92 - from which scanlator are getting the manga, or are you buying it?
  5. ItachiRules
    Isn't the manga different? I was looking into it and it's quite different, and well I haven't finished the anime XD
  6. lokoer
    I liked the anime a lot, the action and the music. I don't know how i can play the game now... in which akira is always the uke bleah.
  7. Khsj
    I agree with lokoer I've been playing the game for a little while and with the CGs in mind I don't know if I'll finish it. I love Shiki though. SO. Maybe
  8. Zarachi
    I first played the game, and when I started watching the Anime, I noticed how different it was compared to the game which had heaps of Yaoi scenes, but as for the Anime, which hardly had Shounen Ai scenes, I still loved the music and battle scenes. I really enjoyed the Togainu No Chi Anime, because it was one of my favorite Anime too.
  9. ILoveGunji
    Hi! ^^ someone knows if Togainu no chi game is in english? I have saw patches, but I donĀ“t understand at all how work all about the patches because I'm new in the visual novels and the yaoi world u.u
    Please...S.O.S. >.<
    And sorry for my english, I'm the worst in my english classes u.u
  10. UchihaRiddle
    The English Patch for the PC game has been released, http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f16/t1...i-english.html
    lol, I actually go hooked on yaoi cause I watched this anime when I was 11 and thought it was really good then I checked wikipedia and was shocked that it was actually from a gay VN then I started checking out what yaoi was and fell in love then I got the game and now I'm a Nitro+ChiRAL fan. XD
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