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  1. MayAlex
    So let's start the talking! Hi Sweet Impact! Thanks for joining!....
    I want to start this discussion ( I know this will end up being one :P ) by asking you and those who join a simple question... (Yaoilynnx1 came up with this one)
    Why can't we see a naked Shiki in the game???? Or at least topless???
  2. Dagger
    Funny you should mention that, haha... I just read a Hayakita doujin where the reason Shiki never takes off his shirt is that he has this huge scar (from Nano, of course) all down his torso.

    I ended up somewhat unintentionally getting two copies, so I'll probably translate it when I'm back home in May and have access to a good scanner again. ^^;
  3. MayAlex
    Really? That's so funny! Even so, that's not an excuse... Shiki would be just as sexy with a huge scar.... nothing could make Shiki's sexyness go away, in fact. Hey wait a minute...could it be that our dear Shiki is....SHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? LMFAO
    Oh, well, that's very unlikely... V_V.... Maybe he's just 'to seme to be naked' ?
    I don't really know, Shiki is something beyond my mind's limitations...
  4. sweet impact
    sweet impact
    I would've enjoyed a naked, or at least topless Shiki in the game myself! I'm sure a long scar along his chest would be really hot. I was quite amused when Inugata Summit made a reference to Shiki always wearing leather in Tokimeki Natsuinu Graffiti. :3

    Also, I was looking at the screens for the PS2 port and noticed that they appear to have toned down Inu's outfit. He doesn't have his mask on anymore! It's so... weird seeing him without it now that I'm so used to it.
  5. MayAlex
    Yeah I think I saw that too... You've just reminded me of my li 11 year old sister by talking about Inu XD. Of course she hasn't played the game but I've told her about the storyline and she asked me today about Shiki's endings. She wanted to know too whether Arbitro gets killed in any of the endings because she hates him with a passion ^_^""". She says "I'll never forgive him for what he's done to Inu...poor thing!!!"
    I <3 my sister...
  6. malary
    Hey yaoists! I have seen Shiki naked! Oh wait... that was my imagination...
  7. skutergirl
    Shiki.. Shiki.. I need to play Togainu no Chi again.
  8. SunlilyQ
    *cartwheels in* YAY, I'm surprised no one has made a group for Nitro yet. I'm all about Gunzi and Kirirwar. Not that I don't enjoy me some ShikiAkira, but sadistic blondes with knuckle claws are my cup of tea. For Lamento, I lovs me some Rai. I always pick the characters that are crazy for some reason.
  9. kaguya610
    *sneaks in* Hmm, hmm....... did someone asked about naked Shiki??? I wanna see it as well but soo far I've only seen this one, its fanart sadly but better than nothing.

    Pardon me about this but did Shiki ever got a scar?? I haven't finished the game yet *blush*
  10. flordepp
    May, I swear yesterday I was thinking you should create a TnC group, lol. Yay, I love this bl game, Specially Shiki
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